Challenges finding the best passive candidates and how executive search software helps

Sourcing great executive candidates, at the right time, is not easy. And identifying the best-qualified and well-suited passive executives is another challenging task. One that needs the support of executive search software.

Who is a passive executive candidate?

There are fundamentally two types of candidates – active and passive.

Active ones are those who are looking for new opportunities. They take control over their search for new roles and new prospects. They network with this intention. They keep their social media accounts updated. Essentially, it is easy for head-hunters to find and engage with them.

On the other hand, passive candidates are the ones who are on the low radar. They are happy with where they are. They are not looking to make a change. Unless they are approached and presented with some amazing new prospects, they will never make a move. And many times, they might not even accept any offers to try for a new role as they are perfectly happy with where they are at the moment.

So, why is it still important to search for passive executive candidates? And how does executive search software help?

Only with the help of executive recruitment software can head-hunters and their talent acquisition teams expect to find top talents quickly. The executive CRM software has powerful features that enable them to source candidates that match the requirements requested by candidates. What would take head-hunters weeks to accomplish is executed within minutes by an AI-enabled executive search software.

So, if an executive search firm wants to satisfy their client companies by presenting a list of the most amazing candidates, they need the leverage that the CRM software provides.

Talent sourcing with executive recruitment software

Executive search is challenging for several factors. But one of the biggest roadblocks is not being able to source the right kind of executives. The issues here involve –

  • Senior-level executives staying lowkey

Most executives who are at the top positions in their companies are too occupied with their work to be too active on social media which is where the recruiters source candidates. This results in head-hunters not know which executive might be suitable or approachable or even interested in new opportunities.

  • Not every executive being receptive to new opportunities

Great candidates never have a dearth of opportunities. Executives who truly want change will not have a problem if they decide to look actively for roles that are suitable for them. It’s the passive executives that head-hunters have a harder time with. Passive candidates are hard to identify and difficult to engage with – unless head-hunters utilise executive search software.

  • C-suite executives not easy to approach

C-suite executives are not easy to approach, meet or engage with. Many gatekeepers will try to prevent any meetings that are not pre-approved. CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, etc., have a tremendous responsibility on their time as their strategic position dictates. Outsiders cannot easily take up their time if it’s not endorsed by the executives themselves.

  • Social media accounts not updated or monitored

Head-hunters and talent acquisition teams begin their search for skilled candidates with a search on social media. Scouring all the professional social media platforms is perhaps the first thing they do. But it is very common for many accounts to have dated information. LinkedIn is easily the most popular choice for recruiters. But InMails are likely to be unfruitful as the accounts may not be monitored frequently.

Harnessing the power of executive search software

Utilising strong CRM software is one of the best ways to identify and approach passive candidates.

When using an AI-enabled CRM, the software allows recruiters to find suitable talents quickly. This is regardless of whether they are active on the jobs market or whether they are happy where they are.

Getting information regarding the executives is easy. A good executive search software goes the extra mile and helps to source the contact details. This way, it becomes easier to reach the senior executives without having to deal with any gatekeepers.

A tremendous amount of time is saved which can be used for networking or candidate engagement and bettering the candidate experience instead.

Once a conversation starts then it becomes much easier for head-hunters to present good opportunities and gauge the interest level of the senior executives.

It is important to note that for executive search, it is not enough to use a traditional recruitment software. These type of software systems are designed for recruiting junior to mid-level staff.

For executive search to be truly effective, head-hunters and search firms must apply executive search software systems in their daily work.