Common Vision Problems

Vision is a blessing. There are two types of visions, Central vision which covers a small area of 3 degrees of the entire vision and the peripheral vision which covers the rest of the vision.


Astigmatism leads to the deformation of vision because some light rays focus on the retina while the others focus on the outer and rest of the retina. This creates distorted images or shadows etc.People who have astigmatism usually have eyes which are not round.

If a person has astigmatism they might struggle with night vision, or have blurry vision.Moreover they might suffer from headstraints or headaches.

An eye exam is done to diagnose Astigmatism. It consists of a chain of exams to check the health of eyes and also to check how the person’s eye is able to see how it bends the light. In the exam the doctor uses different instruments and asks the person to look through different lenses while aiming a bright light at the patient.

It can be treated by wearing the corrective lenses continuously or by having Refractive surgery. In the surgery the surgeon uses a laser to treat the shape of the cornea.


Most people who are 40 or above face Presbyopia. It’s a condition which takes place with aging. It happens when the lens of the eyes starts to harden and make it almost impossible for a person to focus mainly at a close range.

People who are suffering from Presbyopia usually face headaches or they have trouble reading or focusing on something which is too close. They might also need bright lighting to read or when they are doing work from a close distance.

It is diagnosed by an eye exam. This exam determines whether you have any other problem which is causing the symptoms. The exam also assesses any vision disorders. A person’s eye is mainly diluted by eye drops by the doctor to examine the eye.

Presbyopia is also treated by wearing corrective lenses,lens implants or going through refractive surgery.


Myopia is also known as nearsightedness. This is a condition where people can see things which are close, clearly but the objects which are far from them appear cloudy,hazy and blurry. It takes place when the light rays focus on what’s in front of the retina rather than its surface.

Myopia starts from an early age and it keeps on getting worse. People who suffer from it have a hard time reading or seeing objects at a distance. They may also complain about headaches and need to squint their eyes to focus on things which are further from them.

It is currently the most common vision problem in the world. a quarter of the world’s population have nearsightedness. This can be explained by excessive use of computers and mobile phones in today’s world. Genetics can also be another factor.

Myopia is identified by an eye exam. The common treatment for it is wearing the prescribed glasses or the contact lenses. People who don’t wish to wear any of those get a laser treatment.


Hyperopia is a common condition among the youth. People suffering from this condition have a finer focus on objects which are at a distance and the objects which are close to them may appear blurry. This happens when the eyeball is short and the cornea and lenses focus the images on the surface of the retina resulting in blurry vision.

The common symptoms are having trouble focusing on things which are near.Headaches, fatigue from doing a task from a close distance or reading, eye straints, and irritation after concentrating too much.

Hyperopia is diagnosed by a simple eye exam. The specialist tests the ability of the retina by using a retinoscope to see how it bends the light. They also use a phoropter which is a testing device. On the basis of the results they prescribe the glasses or contacts.Lasik surgery is another option for treatment. 

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Vision is truly a gift and should be taken care of. It is always better to seek treatment from a professional like the best eye specialist in Lahore.