Corrective Contouring on Different Face Shapes

Experts believe that the oval shaped face is the most perfect one. An oval face is considered the most crucial characteristic of a classic beauty. Unfortunately all women cannot and do not possess this kind of facial shape and structure. There are a total of seven different face shapes identified by makeup professionals. Identifying your face shape is critical for effective and flawless makeup.

This knowledge helps you pick the right cosmetics so that you can use them on the right parts of your face to enhance the overall look. It helps you bring your facial shape and structure as close to the definition of perfection as possible.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Determining your face shape plays a very important part as to how you apply your makeup. Not everyone has the same face shape and that’s why it is important for you to know your face shape so that you can enhance all your beautiful features while you hide the not-so-good ones.

What you will need:

  • Clean Mirror
  • Red lipstick Steps:
  • Place the mirror in front of you.
  • Take your red lipstick and make dots along your hairline, the sides of your temples, your cheekbones, jaw line and chin.
  • Connect the dots with each other.
  • Compare it to the 7 face shapes and see what face shape you have.

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