Curious to Know Your Cat Aversions? We Have Listed Out the Most Common Ones!

We know cats are often pretty picky with people, places, and everything under the sun! Cats are also known to have several dislikes, more so than most dogs. However, they are adorable and you have to respect them for having opinions on most things. So here we have accumulated some things these temperamental creatures despise absolutely.

As cat parents, you must know they are vulnerable to unexpected dangers because of their curious nature. Either they need to curb their instincts or potentially meet with miseries. For example, cats spending time by the windowsills may tumble out of the window in a rage to catch a bird flying by or shoo a passerby, or get startled by abrupt noises and fall out suddenly. The risks of accidents do increase if there are other pets at home – this may be because you need to play the referee to sort them out often or simply because one encourages the other into dangerous territory. 

Do you already own cat insurance NZ that covers accidents in the least? If not, why not? In case you haven’t bought a policy yet, we advise you to compare pet insurance prices and purchase an affordable plan so your cat would be in safe hands if at all some misery befalls it. With more than one million pets in NZ, many pet parents have to play the role of a superhero and save the day as well as providing plenty of daily attention and care. Yet, despite us heaping praise and showering extra love, cats still hate a few things. These include:

Petting Overboard!

Cats are mysterious creatures who crave independence. As a cat parent, you may have witnessed your cat spending time in solitude contemplating things like what these humans are up to or where is the world heading to?

Understand your cat walks around with an implied “don’t disturb” message. They don’t prefer heavy petting. No tummy rubs, cradling and staring at her often. You may end up being scratched or bitten if you violate the terms. A cat finds it great if boundaries are respected. Don’t forcefully take your cat into your arms. When your fur baby needs some affection, she will let you know!

Scents & Smells!

Your furball is highly sensitive to smells. A cat loathes a few of the scents which you may adore. She may choose to stay miles away from the aromas of banana, citrus, mustard, fresh herbs, lavender, eucalyptus, etc. Some essential bath oils are hazardous to a cat’s health, so lock these up and keep them away in case kitty is tempted to get close.

Something Stinks!

Spoilt food drives away your pet cat. Your cat will sniff it and when it doesn’t like it, the food will be left in the bowl as such. It isn’t good to leave stale food in the bowl. She or any other pets at home may fall sick if they feed even a little on it. Therefore, we ask you to refresh her food dish with more dry food than wet food! Let her enjoy a good dry meal!

Loud Noises!

A cat wishes she could walk around with earbuds if you are a person who enjoys loud music in her presence. Your munchkin looks for hiding spots and curls up in a corner rather than falling prey to loud and sudden noises that are taking over the place. Don’t trouble her, we say!

We expect your cat to be in the best of health and spirits with you beside her. However, cat insurance NZ is vital to handle uncertain health conditions. Therefore, we suggest you inquire into pet insurance prices and purchase a better plan so your fur baby gets the best medical care in town!