Disney plus preview, trial of new streaming, Marvel and Star Wars to challenge Netflix

Who is the type of movie and series? You should know that the war is on the light through streaming services like Netflix, the streaming giant faces a new competitor. Who jumped into this business like Disney plus, just the name doesn’t have to tell who it is and where it came from. Plus, Disney now doesn’t just have Mickey Mouse and his friends of princesses, but with the heroes of the Marvel universe and the Jedi Knights from Star Wars as a strong force, plus Pixar into it. The terrifying competitor.


It should be a question that many people asked if they would like to watch movies and series. In Disney Plus, What should I do? For now, I can’t apply for it. Because there is no service in Thailand yet, you can see from the first picture that it will show an error that now the region is not supported in our home region.

So for this test, I tried a VPN to see if I could sign up, which you appear to be able to. It costs $6.99 per month and $69.99 per year, which is considerably cheaper than Netflix. At this price, you can watch in UHD resolution, so I tried the monthly subscription. Who have the right to watch for free for seven days before?


At this time, there is no detail about how much the service fee is in Thailand. But as with data from different groups, Try to use the work, and the system has converted to Thai price at 219 baht per month and 2200 baht per year, which is still not sure if it is the official price of Thailand or not.