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Don’t Know What Bathtub to Buy? Then Maybe a Back to Wall Bath Is What You Need

In recent years, back to wall baths have been gaining popularity, especially in Australia. Two or more walls typically frame this, but people are now opting for a singular wall design to get that look of a freestanding bath and benefit from a back-to-wall one.

Now you can find many back to wall baths online with different designs and features. But just what makes back to wall baths special?

Why should you opt for back to wall baths?

No matter what your bathroom is, you are sure to find a back to wall bath perfect for it, but if you have doubts about having one for your bathroom, here are some reasons that will change your mind.

It’s built for family life.

Even if you don’t have family right now but are planning to have one in the future with your significant other, opting for a family bath right now will make family life more manageable. Because it is framed to have more extra space and shelves, bath time for children becomes easier.

Freestanding baths can be dangerous for children since they are much deeper, making them think it is okay to dive in them.

Gives you the freedom to design it

Unlike other baths that demand to be the center attraction in any bathroom, a back-to-wall bath can be treated as a blank canvas of which you can have the freedom to express your taste for a uniquely designed bathroom.

And because of the extra storage and shelf it offers, you can add more features to your bathroom because of the space you now have.

Gives you extra space

Even if you have a small bathroom, one of the most important things it needs to have is enough space to move around. Having a cramped bathroom can make anyone claustrophobic, making a supposed-to-be relaxing bath into a less enjoyable time

This also means that you do not have to choose between a shower and a bathtub in your bathroom if you have a small space.

Unlike freestanding baths, where a shower rose is the most common option if you want to include a shower, back to wall baths give you more flexibility on the overall design of the shower and bathtub.

Can adapt to any trend

There are also trends to follow in the home improvement niche and if you like to follow on what is the latest, then back to wall baths are perfect for you. Whether traditional, modern, contemporary or provincial, you can remodel this type of bath to fit the design if you want it.

Back to wall baths also offer a sense of continuity to your bathroom because of their design, unlike other bathtubs that can disrupt a space because of how they look. If you like to have a sense of stability in your bathroom, back to wall baths are your best bet.

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A warm symmetrical feeling

Back to wall baths, especially those with a three-framed design, can make anyone who loves to have symmetry in their house smile every time they enter their bathroom, making it more comfortable and relaxing.

So if you are ever having doubts about ordering back to wall baths online or in any store, don’t, because it might just be one of the best choices you have ever made in your life.

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