EV Hotel and Chicago Digital Exchange Partner to Develop High-Tech Properties

Select locations will soon be home to a new high-tech hospitality brand thanks to a collaboration between EV Hotels and Chicago Digital Exchange (CDX). The project, which is set for rollout sometime at the turn of 2022/23, is in the process of scouting locations in several US states and India. The areas currently under consideration in the States are located in Arizona, California, Florida, and Georgia.

The project is being designed by architect Mancini Duffy, with the interior design being overseen by Sims Patrick Studio. All tech features are being developed by CDX.

What to Expect From the New Tech-Centric Hotels

The Atlanta-based hotelier envisions a space that’s a model for luxurious accommodations enhanced by 21st century tech innovation.

According to EV founder and CEO, Ken Patel: “We are creating an experience that brings hospitality back and gives it life again. Innovation is a team sport, and this EV CDX venture merges the capabilities of our respective teams.”

If the build and rollout proceed as planned, the new hotels would project an air of sophistication from every square inch of the space. This is true in the décor and ambiance as well as the technology.

Guests will have an option for completely contactless service, and rooms will be equipped with more than 20 integrated AI-powered devices, including advanced tech like smart mirrors, smart showers, and automated climate and lighting controls. All of these features will be controllable by guests from the EV Smart app being developed by CDX.

The app will also alert users to hotels equipped with EV car charging stations and help with guest booking. EV Hotels will also feature an on-site real-estate concierge.

But, the tech innovations don’t stop there.

In fact, they begin on the ground floor. As soon as they enter the premises, guests will encounter an NFT lobby where they can view and purchase tokens. This capability is also available in each guest room from the app, Right next door, investors can interact and explore the hotel’s crypto trading floor.

This centerpiece of the new EV Hotel experience will also allow investors to view the action and participate in trades from any location in the world. In fact, membership in CDX will earn the right to entry on the trading floor at any EV Hotel, discounted exchange rates, and other perks.

Future Implications From the World’s First Crypto and Hotel Brand

The visionary CEO of EV Hotels is on a mission to re-imagine the hospitality space by getting rid of outmoded customer rewards programs and guest accommodations. It will be the first hotel to allow payment in cryptocurrency and empower customers to control the guest experience.

This emphasis on ease and efficiency also extends to hotel staff. Each hotel will be fully automated and equipped with IoT devices that will free staff members from mundane tasks and allow them to spend more time on customer engagement.

Such accommodations are putting other high-end hotel brands on notice. The future of hospitality is in technology that truly caters to every aspect of customer service and satisfaction. Those that fail to keep up will be left behind.