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Every Early Sign of Dementia You Should Pay Attention To

There are over 10 million cases of dementia diagnosed worldwide every year.

If you suspect that someone you know has dementia, you may be wondering what you can do to help. One of the best treatments is to get access to early care for the condition, and it is essential to understand an early sign of dementia so that you can get assessed as soon as possible.

Read on to understand and learn how to spot the early warning signs of dementia.

Memory Loss

Most people are aware of memory loss as one of the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. They often forget important dates, names, and sometimes faces. We all forget things as we age, but people with dementia can not recall them after a time.

Trouble With Familiar Tasks

One of the early signs of Alzheimer’s is an inability to plan or work with numbers. You may find that they can no longer manage their household bills and require much more concentration to do things than before.

They may struggle with using technology that they have used many times before.

Confusion About a Place or the Time

People with dementia may become confused with where and when they are in time. Some may have lost track of time entirely and be unsure how they came to be in a location.

Visual Problems

They may struggle with visual issues like judging distances or perceiving colors. Some may find that they have difficulty reading or maintaining their balance.

This is different from eyes aging naturally due to cataracts and will require other dementia treatment options.

Forgetting Common Words

A common sign of dementia is the inability to recall common words that they may have used every day, like watch or TV. They may replace these words with something nonsensical instead.

Personal Care

Individuals with dementia find it more challenging to take care of themselves as the condition worsens. They may no longer have a good judgment in decision-making or be as attentive to their personal hygiene as before.

It is essential to seek care for individuals when they reach this stage to be supported and protected. Seniors Home Care offers professional and compassionate care for individuals with dementia in the St Louis area.

Social Withdrawal

People with dementia may start to withdraw from social interactions and no longer find enjoyment in the connections and relationships they once cherished.

Mood or Personality Changes

You may find that loved ones with dementia experience changes in their mood or personality. They tend to display outbursts of anger, suspicion, confusion, depression, or fear. These are exaggerated if they are forced out of their comfort zones and can cause them to lash out unexpectedly at those around them.

Get Checked for an Early Sign of Dementia

The best treatment for dementia is to keep an eye out for warning signs. Spotting an early sign of dementia can allow you to get a loved one the help that they need before the condition worsens. Alzheimer’s and dementia are emotionally difficult conditions to deal with for both you and your loved one, so make sure you get them the specialist care they need as soon as possible.

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