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Factors that affect the price of a vacuum cleaner in Kenya

Due to increased pollution, a high level of cleanliness is necessary. Vacuum cleaners make your job easier as it sucks up dust and dirt from floors and surfaces. Vacuum cleaners come with both high and low prices and all these depend on their effectiveness. This article helps you to know why you should not just run for the cheap items unless it is your last option.

Before the actual purchase of any equipment in Kenya, many people often consider price first. Most people tend to go for cheaper items which may be of low quality. Vacuum cleaners come with different prices and this depends on a number of factors:

Power source

Vacuum cleaners use electricity which may be derived from different sources. Some use hydroelectric power while others use harnessed solar energy. Electric power moves the motor inside the vacuum and creates kinetic energy. Source of electricity depends on the number of Watts needed by the vacuum cleaner thus, the higher the number of Watts, the higher the price. Vacuum cleaners that use the most common and reliable sources of power tend to be cheaper.

Motor size

Motor size is always considered when setting the price of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaners with the largest motors are also the most powerful. They have a high suction power and can be used in large sized homes and this leads to their high price. Some of the most expensive vacuum cleaners due to their motor sizes include possess the best quality to offer efficiency.

Number of motors

A vacuum cleaner with many motors is likely to be more effective in cleaning. The more the number of motors, the higher the vacuum cleaner price in Kenya. Many motors in a vacuum cleaner mean a high suction power which makes the vacuum more effective in cleaning. Vacuums of such kind can be used to remove debris from surfaces easily.

Cleaning path size

The size of the cleaning path of a vacuum cleaner is directly proportional to its rate of work. Vacuum cleaners with large cleaning paths work quickly as they can clean a large area in a short time. They thus have a higher price compared to those with narrow cleaning paths.

Body construction material

Vacuum cleaners are made of different materials. Among the materials used are Austenitic Stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys such as aldad and duralumin and mild steels. The price of a vacuum cleaner depends on the strength of the material used in its construction. Austenitic Stainless steel is the most preferred because vacuum cleaners made from it are more strong and durable, thus a higher price. However, some vacuum cleaners are made of plastics known as ABS plastics and they are always cheaper than the others because they are less durable and plastic also reduces construction cost.

Available cleaning tools

Some vacuum cleaners come with maintenance tools while others come without. Those that come with cleaning tools are always more expensive because the prices of their accompaniments are included. Some of the cleaning tools that come with the vacuum flask include crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand, turbo brush, mattress attachment and motorized brush head.

When going for a vacuum cleaner, do not just run for a cheaper price. Expensive vacuum cleaners have some advantageous features that make them expensive.

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