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Factors to look out for when buying a vacuum cleaner in Kenya

A vacuum is used to obviate dirt from draperies, upholstery, floors and other surfaces. It’s generally relies on electricity to function

This article focusses more on factors that you should consider when purchasing a vacuum in Kenya.

When buying a vacuum you should consider some factors to avoid purchasing an underperforming machine; since there are numerous vacuum models in Kenya.

Below are some of  the factors that one should consider before buying one.

Price point

Vacuum cleaner price Kenya is one among the most important factors that require to be considered. This is where you consider the amount of money that you have since there are many vacuums with different prices .so you should choose  the one that you can afford.


A long warranty period shows that the company has faith in its product. That being said, it does add up to shop for models that are covered by an extended warranty period. When buying an upright model, anything over 3 years should be considered above average.

Bin capacity

The need for a way bigger dust tank boils right down to the dimensions of your home and thus the sort of dust your vacuum possesses to devour. If you’ve pets that shed hair, then buying a cleaner with a bigger tank size is typically warranted.

Suction power

This unit is employed to measure the pressure difference between the traditional air pressure and the within pressure of a vacuum. This suggests that you simply can compromise slightly on suction strength if you want your vacuum to exclusively clean hardwood floors.

Wet or Dry Vacuum

Dry vacuum cleaning units are designed for dry dirt, while wet cleaners are mostly for moist and wet dirt and smaller water spills. Most households prefer using dry vacuum units because it serves them well. Always check the manual when using the cleaners and be keen on the security precautions.

Cleaning reach

Different vacuum cleaners have different lengths of power cords attached to the cleaning hose. Some are short hence cannot reach distant areas, while the longer ones are easy to use since they reach the furthest of places and canopy a bigger radius. There also are cordless vacuums that use inbuilt batteries and don’t depend upon main power from the socket; all you’ve got to try to do is to make sure that it’s fully charged, and it’ll run up to half an hour to an hour. The cordless vacuums are however, not cheap

Ease of maintenance, use, and handling

You must read the manuals of the machine that you simply have considered purchasing next. These manuals can show you the controls that ought to be easy to succeed in and use, the dirt cups, which are alleged to be easy to empty, and a self-cleaning brush roll. These manuals can guide you on whether the machine is straightforward to use and maintain. Heavy machines can also be tiresome and hectic to use.


The most important believe selecting a vacuum is judging your requirements, including your personal preferences and needs. You’ll get good cleaners at budget-friendly prices offering the same value as those expensive ones

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