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Facts about Bosch Grinder That Will Blow Your Mind

For a product, especially those made of metal to be presentable and sellable on the market, they must have smooth surfaces. To achieve this, grinding machines come in handy to make this a reality. They effectively smoothen metal surfaces. In this article, we will discuss some of the features of the best-performing grinder.

Technological modifications and features have been implemented in grinding machines that make their effectiveness and usage a jaw-dropping phenomenon. Here, I will discuss features implemented in the Bosch Grinder that make it one of the best, if not the best machines in the market. Some of them include;

Speed and torque

The amount of grinding done per rotation of the wheel corresponds to the torque of the spinning grinder wheel. The Bosch grinder can maintain fast rotation speed since it has high turning force. More stock is removed hence high efficiency. Its torque is at 900 Watts.


The motor is by far the most essential component of the grinder as it is responsible for the running of the tool. The grinder has a anefficient motor with a minimized field diameter. Its no-load speed is at 11000 rpm. With the motor’s proneness to foreign materials such as dust through inlets and outlets, materials thrown by the wheel to its windings, and enormous heat produced during operation, it is incorporated with epoxy-coated field windings for lengthened tool life, and field coil coating for the motor’s overheating prevention in heavy load conditions. Bosch grinder price in Kenya varies depending on their performance, size, and power.

Device’s safety features

Burst protection is in-built in the grinder for safety in case of failure. It also has Service Minder brushes to halt the tool when preventative maintaining is essential. In addition, a sealed switch is in-built that prevents materials from affecting the mechanism of the switch, hence extension of tool life.

Tool Control

For efficient use of a tool, the ability to use and control it to achieve maximum effectiveness is essential. For this reason, the Bosch grinder has an auxiliary handle that can be in two positions for maximum comfort to the user during operation. Additionally, it has a top handle with an ergonomic design. A lock-on switch on its side is essential for continuous grinding and to reduce fatigue.

Additional features

The product has a direct cooling mechanism to take care of the high overload and longer service life. Does your grinder restart immediately after you plug it in or after a blackout, raising safety concerns? Worry no more for the Bosch grinder’s restart protection comes in handy to prevent such occurrences. Only after careful activation will the tool be ready for use. It is also in-built with an anti-rotation protection guard which firmly stands even in an occurrence of a disk breakage.


Grinders are all manufactured for the same purpose but they have different features and specifications. Itis therefore important that you understand your grinding work intensity in order to be able to choose a grinder with features that meet your requirements. This, therefore, requires one to understand the specifications such as the ones explained in this article.

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