FAQs About Globex360 with Detailed Answers Broker that You Might Ask Yourself?

Globex360 broker has become one of the best brokerage firms, at least in Africa, so many people ask different questions about it. Some of them are competitor brokers, but most of them are traders who want to know about them better to work with them in the future.

Perhaps you are also one of them. If yes, you must read this thorough article completely to get answers of those questions about the Globex360 that you might ask yourself.     

So, write down your questions on paper and keep it in front of you:

Who is the Owner of Globex360 Broker?

This is not top-secret, but still, many people ask this question. There can be many causes behind that, but according to research, people ask the owner of a shop or company because if they found the owner’s name familiar or reasonable, they must go for that company.  

Anyways, Globex360 or Global Exchange 360 was founded and is owned by a black lady Nombuso Mkhulise who belongs to South Africa. She was born in Diepkloof (Soweto), Johannesburg, and this is the place where she decided to create a brokerage company, and she did it.

Is Globex360 a Legit Broker?

This is possibly the most asked question about any broker, and traders always ask this question. Because they never want to become a fool and get scammed by fraudsters. Well, this is not one of those questions that ask small answers. But it is quite a big question that needs a huge explanation because, after all, it is a matter of money and assets. Right?

But simply, we can confidently say that Globex360 is a legit or legal broker with which you can work because it is safe (less risky).

Is Globex360 a Regulated Broker?

Quite similar to the previous one, people also ask about the regulations of Globex. But why is this question similar to the previous one?

Because if a broker is regulated, then it is considered a legit broker, and you can work with it without any worry, which is somehow true. Yes, legitimacy requires many factors, but regulation is that x-factor that matters a lot. Got it?

And when we talk about Globex360 broker, it is regulated by FSCA (financial security conduct authority). FSCA is probably the most reputable financial security authority of South Africa. And as Globex360 is a South African broker, so it is quite good for it.  

Does Globex360 make Deposit and Withdrawal Differently?

Yes, if you are asking about the speed of the process, then the answer is always ‘yes.’. Nowadays, a rumor is circulating among traders that Globex360 is slow when it makes withdrawal and fast when it makes deposits. And it is always a bad point of any broker. 

We all know that some rumors are true while others are lies. In this case, this rumor is true, and unfortunately, your withdrawal will always take more time than your deposits.


We added four mostly asked questions about Globex360 broker. So, most probably you will have more questions about it. If yes, then ask us!