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Future Of The Online Casino Industry

Over the last few decades the online casino industry has grown exponentially, attracting customers new and old as a result of its practicality, excitement and outrageous win-factor. Find out more about online casino and gambling today over at, but be sure to finish our article first! Gamblers in the 1920s would find it hard to imagine that, almost one hundred years later, their compatriots would be spinning virtual reels on something we like to call the Internet. Indeed, it would probably blow their minds wide open. 

But here’s the thing – online casino has only been around since the mid-90s, and even then it was still in its rudimentary stages. The rate of progress from then is almost scary; so what will it be like in another 20 years into the future? Well, the future of the online casino industry is never something you can predict entirely, but there sure is a fantastic array of potential developments that could come to fruition.  


Something that has been steadily getting better and better is the graphics now associated to online slots like Super Hot Fruits slot. For instance, titles such as TED which can be played from Blueprint Gaming have visuals so pristine they may as well be from an Xbox or Playstation game. It is the new norm these days; an online slot with inferior graphics must bank on a retro or cartoon feel to even stay relevant. 

Naturally then we can expect online slot graphics to continue to improve. Progress in recent years has brought us 3D online slots, but that’s just the start. In the future developers will seek to make their titles look as attractive as they possibly can, taking cues from the gaming industry, as well as animation companies such as Pixar. 

Themes & Gameplay 

With video slots such as The Codfather, or Vikings Go To Hell, floating about it would be wrong to say that there aren’t some pretty crazy themes already about nowadays. But this is something we are going to see a whole lot more of in the future as developers strive to get the most attention possible. 

And it’s not just the theme; the online slots of tomorrow will have gameplay that could rival the very best in modern gaming consoles. The formats of most online slots are getting exhausted as it is, and some games, like Well Of Wonder, have done away with the typical reel configuration already. Many experts anticipate online slots to take on a narrative edge, whereby you progress in the game much like you would playing something like Skyrim or GTA. 

Virtual Reality 

Now, this is by far the most exciting potential development for the future of the online casino industry. Virtual Reality has been quickly making a name for itself across the breadth of the entertainment industry, it is only right that it begins to infiltrate the online casino market as well. If realised properly this could blow the industry wide open – suddenly anyone, anywhere, could visit the world’s most famous casinos all in virtual reality. It would give new meaning to the often heralded practicality of online casino. 

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