The heat is on and it feels like summer has finally arrived. It’s time to escape the sweltering temperatures, but if you’re running low on gas, your air conditioning can’t keep up with the soaring temperature. That’s where Aircon Gas Top-Up Service comes in handy. We’ll help you stay cool this summer by filling up your car with gas so that you never have to worry about running out again!

Simple, Hassle-Free, and Easy to Use

With Aircon Gas Top-Up Service, filling your car with gas is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Just drive up to any air-conditioned service station on a designated date and time. We’ll fill up your car for you so that it’s ready to go the next time you need to escape the heat!

Safe, Reliable, and Environment-Friendly

The gas that we use for your car is purified at our plant using state-of-the-art technology. It’s also tested for leaks by certified technicians before it’s dispensed at the aircon service stations. We follow all safety regulations because we care about you and the environment. That means no dirty odors or flaring up when it’s dispensed, so you can feel good about topping up your tank with us!

Ever wondered what happens to used cooking oil? With Aircon Gas Top-Up Service, you’re helping the environment even while you stay cool this summer! After purification, these oils are converted into renewable biofuels and biodiesel, which can be used as alternative fuels for diesel engines. If this sounds like something you’d like to support, book a service now!

Backed by Industry-Leading Technology

Our gas tanks are state-of-the-art and made of vacuum-sealed steel to make sure no gas is lost. They also come with explosion protection devices (EPDs) that shut off the flow of gas if there’s an accident inside the car or in case it starts raining when we’re filling up your tank. All these safety precautions mean one thing: peace of mind for you and your family whenever you drive anywhere.

You’re busy. You do your best to juggle work, the kids, and everything else life throws at you.

You deserve a break! Our Gas Top-Up Service is making it simple for you to pick up extra gas on your way home from work every day – no need to make an extra trip. It’s fast, easy, and can save you valuable time when you get home! Plus with Socool’s everyday low prices on fuel, you’ll have cash left over for that special something that takes Mom back to her childhood summers – slushies!

Topping up with Aircon Gas Top-Up Service takes care of your fuel needs so you never have to worry about running out again. And with our everyday low prices on fuel, you’ll be able to relax and stay cool this summer! So what are you waiting for? Get more gas today with Aircon Gas Top-Up Service!

Just fill up before heading into our store, then use one of the convenient payment options below:

  • Pay inside with debit or credit card
  • Use a prepaid Gas Gift Card in any amount from $25 to $250

You can also choose to have your gas topped up automatically when you fill up at the pump. Just ask our team member for details. It’s that easy!