Guide to buying a spinning bike

The purchase of a good indoor or spinning bike can mean the success or failure of our personal training. In this article we will explain everything you need to know about these bikes, we will also recommend which spinning bike to buy and we will give you advice on how and where to buy the bike. 

What is spinning?

The indoor cycle or spinning is an aerobic training, one of the most practiced by users in gyms since it is one of the sports with which you burn more calories. It is usually practiced in closed places such as gyms or in houses/flats and also, as a general rule, it is trained with quite loud music to maintain a high motivation during training. It can be practiced by anyone, whatever their age. It is considered a cardio exercise, so spinning is very beneficial for the heart. However, it is not only beneficial for the heart but is also highly recommended if you want to lose weight and increase muscle tone.

One of the benefits of spinning is that we will train, mainly, the quadriceps, femoral, adductor, calf and gluteal areas, and being of high intensity, many calories are burned, although this will depend on the intensity of the training and the physique from each person. Read the stationary bikes reviews and comparisons below;

What is the difference between a stationary bike and a spinning bike?

There are several differences between the exercise bike and the indoor cycle or spinning bike. The first of all is that the exercise bike was the first of the two to exist, and from this it began to be marketed with a variant, the indoor or spinning cycle. However, the main difference is that stationary bikes are intended for cardiovascular training, while indoor bikes, apart from cardio training, also strengthen muscles.

The second is the one that most closely resembles outdoor cycling, due to its shape and the position in which you work. In addition, these are smaller in size and just like with a normal bike you can climb mountains, with spinning bikes you can simulate doing so by increasing resistance, being able to practice training standing up, and that’s why we say that it is more like outdoor cycling.

Tips for buying a spinning bike

If we have started to look, you will already be wondering how to buy a spinning bike or where to buy it. There are many websites that sell cardio equipment, but at Fitness we offer the best conditions and you won’t have to worry about how. The next step will be which spinning bike to buy and we will have seen that the vast majority have a somewhat expensive price, due to materials, transport and design. It is true that there are different ranges of bicycles, so from $150approximately you can buy a low-end spinning bike, however the benefits and the material used for its manufacture will not be of as good quality as the medium / high-end ones. Here are 6 tips for buying a spinning bike:

Aesthetic aspects

We recommend starting by eliminating those that we do not like visually, either because of the color or the shape of magnetic resistance indoor bikes.

Level of Experience

Normally, if you have just started, neither your level nor your physical condition will be excellent, so your needs will not be as high as, for example, those of a professional cyclist looking for an indoor bike. In our opinion, if you are a person with little experience you should buy a low / medium range bike should be enough for you.

Purchasing budget

As we have already mentioned, there are different ranges with different prices. These prices vary according to the features of each bicycle, so the more and better features the best range bike has, it will be and also the more expensive. We always recommend buying a bike that is a little better than what you are looking for, because if you are going to take training seriously and you plan to buy a low-end bike, it is very possible that after a year the bike will fall short of performance, as if you have so many resistance levels or you have few programs. In addition, how to buy a spinning bike should also be taken into account if you want to save, since there are usually offers for indoor bikes on the internet while in stores they are not usually seen as much.

Home space

This feature will be more or less important depending on the size of your house/apartment. If you live in a property with few m2, it is very likely that you want a folding indoor bike that does not take up much space so that you can store it every time after training and it does not take up space in your home. While if you live in a large house, the folding feature is very likely not as important as you can leave it in one place without having to put it away every time you use it. We recommend that if you live in a small home you check if the bike is folding or not.

Payment financed without interest

Finally, we can see that the store (whether electronic or physical) offers a payment plan to finance the purchase and be able to buy the bicycle that best suits our needs.

Other aspects

Make sure that the bicycle is adjustable, at least the saddle and the handlebars, by being able to adjust we will achieve a better, more varied training and reduce the possibility of injuries. Some good extras such as trays for water or MP3 are variables to consider.

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