Here’s What No One Tells You About Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters use sunlight for heating water, utilizing a certain collector (thermal). Various configurations are available at different costs to offer solutions in varying latitudes and climates. Solar water heaters are commonly used for industrial and residential applications.

There are kinds of solar water heater; non-pressurized and pressurized solar water heater. Pressurized heater needs a certain water pump for power the water through the water heater (solar). In non-pressurized heater, water from certain tanks moves by gravity. Below are the general features of these solar water heaters.

Easy Installation

Installing flat panels is much complex than evacuated solar water heaters. This is because flattened plates have heavier panels that should be mounted securely on a particular roof. However, evacuated solar water heaters are lightweight and it is easier to assemble their solar tubes.

The efficiency of Solar Water Heaters

Evacuated solar heaters tubes have higher energy efficiency than flat-plate water heaters (solar). This is due to the separation of these evacuated tubes by a given vacuum for minimizing loss of heat through convection and conduction. Efficiency being explained is the partial output and relies on the absorber unit (active).

The ratio for Absorber Area

Collectors with flat plateshave a larger area of absorber than collectors with evacuated tubes. Therefore, although you can encounter the same size of evacuated and flat collectors, they have varying ratios of absorbing energy. The ratio for absorber area is an important feature to consider when determining Solar water heater price in Kenya.

Cost of Solar Water Heaters

Collectors with flat plates are cheaper compared to solar heater evacuated tubes. Therefore, solar water heaters (collectors with flat plates) are popular in Kenya because they are affordable. Usually, solar water heaters (flat plate) cost 40% – 20% less than solar water heaters (collector with evacuated tube).

Sensitivity to Solar Energy

Because of solar water heaters (evacuated tube) having collectors with tube, absorption of solar energy occur from a very large angle besides being effective during cloudy or rainy days. Nevertheless, solar water heaters (flat plate) sensitivity is majorly reliable on precise position like the tilting angle for maximizing the solar heater to directly face sunlight for efficiency.

Protection from Extreme Temperature

Sometimes temperatures can be cold possibly freezing or hot. While utilizing the solar heater (evacuated), the tube-like design slightly hinders freezing compared to solar heaters (flat panel). Nevertheless, in extreme higher temperatures, solar heaters (evacuated) can get overheated. Therefore, heat dump is installed within the evacuated heaters to hinder overheating.


Any damaged collector with flat plate needs replacement of the entire plate and is expensive. However, solar heater evacuated tube needs repair of single tube whenever damage occurs.


Any individual looking for the appropriate features of solar water heaters should consider using this article, especially when planning to purchase one. After acknowledging its important features above, buy at least one solar water heater to start experiencing its benefits.

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