Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Replacement Costs

Maintain low emissions and a safe driving experience with a replacement 2003 Honda Accord catalytic converter. Find out what this important component does, how much it costs to replace it and how you can spot the signs that you need to take on this maintenance task.

What Is a Converter for a Car?

A catalytic converter is an essential component in your emissions system. It is connected to your exhaust system and converts harmful emissions into carbon dioxide and water vapor. This critical component has been used since 1975 to reduce the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide being emitted.

Your 2007 Honda Accord catalytic converter uses precious metals, like palladium, platinum and rhodium, to create this chemical reaction. The outside of the converter looks like your muffler or another exhaust component, but it plays an even more important role than muffling the sound of your engine.

How Much Is a Honda Accord Converter?

The cost of a catalytic converter for your Honda Accord varies depending on the brand you choose and the year of your Accord. Expect to pay between approximately $170 to over $1,300 for a replacement converter.

An online auto parts store makes it easy to quickly compare 2008 Honda Accord catalytic converter prices and reviews. This helps you verify that you’re ordering a part that matches your make, model and year of vehicle and that you’re choosing a highly rated brand.

What Are the Signs You Need a New Converter?

Some catalytic converters need to be replaced after 10 years of use. The exact lifetime depends on the type of converter you have, your driving habits and other factors. Before you go out and invest in a new component, look for one of these signs:

  • Reduced engine performance: A clogged converter clogs your exhaust system, which prevents fresh air from entering the combustion chamber and keeping your Accord moving.
  • Your check engine light turns on: An illuminated check engine light is a common warning sign that something’s wrong with your Accord. Connect an OBD error code scanner to identify the source of the warning light. If it’s caused by an air-to-fuel sensor in your exhaust system, a clogged converter may be the cause.
  • Poor fuel economy: A significant drop in fuel economy is another sign of the same issue. Low air intake means your engine needs to work harder to deliver the same performance level, which uses more fuel.
  • Failed emissions test: Some states require routine emissions testing to verify a converter is still working correctly. If you fail an emissions test, the most likely cause is a compromised converter. Be sure to inspect your system to rule out other issues before replacing this component.

Where Can You Find a Reliable Catalytic Converter for Sale?

From the best-selling components to budget-friendly alternatives, find the catalytic converter that fits your Honda and your lifestyle today. Shop online to easily match product specifications and compare converters based on customer reviews. Order this component and check out helpful replacement videos and articles to take on this repair task in your own garage.