How Can a Cigar Lover save Money These Days in Australia?

While cigarettes are rapidly declining in popularity due to better alternatives for the toxic things, cigars have always been a bit of a niche product, something that only true lovers of cigars generally consumed. While still not a healthy habit, they tend to be far better for you than cigarettes, lacking the nasty carcinogenic additions cigarette manufacturers produce, and being something that is consumed with a lot more moderation due to their potency.

While smoking them in public around others is just as frowned-upon, nobody’s going to blame you for enjoying a good cigar in the comfort of your own home or private office. However, tobacco isn’t cheap in Australia, between import costs, markups by retailers and the heavy taxes put upon any kind of tobacco, enjoying a good cigar in Australia is a costly affair even if it isn’t a particularly expensive cigar you’re after.

Well, we’re going to explain a little bit about how you can save a lot of money, enjoy a wider variety of cigars, and maybe even try new ones you didn’t know you wanted thanks to modern technology. Let’s talk a little bit about the benefits of online marketplaces, and even more about hybrid marketplaces that do have brick-and-mortar locations, but do the bulk of their marketing online.

With these hybrid and online-only models, a lot of the overhead is offset due to less or no dependency on said brick-and-mortar location. This allows for some very competitive practices in pricing, as well as various motivations for customer retention. Most of these places will offer loyalty programs for customers, various coupons, even access to products that normally aren’t on shelves, very exclusive and usually excellent cigars at that.

The hybrid model is the best, a store that does have an actual storefront, but sells way more products online. With this methodology, they will usually have their highest-selling products available in some quantity on location, allowing you to buy a single cigar and try it out before spending a lot of money on an entire box of cigars you turn out not liking. I have made the mistake of ordering cigars online back in the day, only to find out I really didn’t care much for the particular cigars I had gotten. With this hybrid model, you can avoid that altogether.

There is also that sense of community, local shops, no matter whether they are a chain with an online portal or not, are usually staffed by people who really know and have a passion for cigars. You can tell them what your preferences are, they can recommend various new brands or styles of cigar you have never tried before. They can also recommend things through their online shop, or bigger, independent online shops that maybe they just can’t stock locally.

If you like a good cigar on a regular basis, or even just occasionally, then you can get the best of the best at a competitive price through any cigars Australia shop, especially those that deal with some online business on a regular basis.