How HealthTap Works – A Comprehensive Guide

HealthTap is a technological-driven medical platform that gives members access to licensed professionals around the clock. Additionally, the service provides members with various options for their care based on individual requirements.

The company’s vision is to offer an entirely seamless experience, beginning with an AI-powered “interview” that triages members’ issues and assigns a level of urgency.

How Does HealthTap Work?

HealthTap operates by connecting consumers to an extensive network of U.S.-licensed physicians at no cost via their web and mobile apps. Users are able to ask questions, get advice, or book an appointment with a physician immediately – all at no extra cost!

The platform’s low wait time makes it a convenient solution for those unable to visit the doctor or who have obligations that prevent them from doing so. Furthermore, its subscription model may be beneficial to parents who want to address health concerns without worrying about co-pays.

At your consultation with a doctor, they will assess your symptoms and suggest the most suitable course of treatment. Doctors have the power to prescribe medication, order lab tests and refer you to other specialists if required.

What is HealthTap Concierge?

HealthTap Concierge, launched in October 2014, allows doctors to connect with their patients during office hours through HD video, text and voice consultations. To provide this service, doctors must pay a license fee.

Artificial intelligence can take symptoms and context, process them to decide the level of care a patient requires, then direct them to the correct location. It serves as an example of how data-driven decisions can enhance patient experiences while decreasing costs.

In addition to virtual consults, the company also provides an Apple Watch app with information about health and wellness. Curated by doctors, this content includes a personalized checklist of healthy behaviours.

What is HealthTap Mobile?

HealthTap Mobile is a free mobile app that enables you to communicate with board-certified doctors via live video or text. It works on both iOS and Android devices.

You can use it for finding trustworthy answers to doctor-answered questions and healthy advice, plus an AI-based symptom checker. Furthermore, users are able to store their medical data, documents, scans and images within the app so they can share them with their doctors.

Telehealth services are widely utilized by individuals and health networks, such as hospital chains or large employers to offer virtual visits. Telemedicine has become a popular alternative to in-person visits due to its cost efficiency and improved accessibility.

What is HealthTap Web?

HealthTap Web is a virtual healthcare clinic that offers primary and urgent care services to Americans regardless of insurance status. Its user-friendly applications and information tools adhere to the highest data security standards when connecting patients and physicians online.

Customers of this business include individuals, healthcare systems, insurance companies and self-insured businesses. It offers live video or text chats as well as doctor’s orders for prescriptions, lab tests and referrals to specialists.

Its free app makes it simple for customers to share consultation notes, test results and medication info with multiple providers as customer data is securely stored within the app. Furthermore, the AI-augmented symptom checker gives comprehensive explanations of potential causes and next best steps for care.


HealthTap is a user-friendly technological platform that offers members access to licensed professionals any time of day, and from anywhere in the US. Members can ask questions, receive advice, or book an appointment with no extra cost. The platform’s AI-powered “interview” triages members’ issues and assigns a level of urgency. HealthTap Concierge connects doctors and patients during office hours through HD video or text consultations. With HealthTap Mobile, individuals can communicate with board-certified doctors via live video or text for primary and urgent care services. Additionally, HealthTap Web offers a comprehensive virtual healthcare clinic with primary and urgent care services at no charge to Americans regardless of insurance status.