How Long Does it Take to Paint a Condo in Singapore?

In Singapore, how long does it take to color a condo? The first point to concentrate on after buying a new apartment is repainting it to your taste. Many home buyers, therefore, are unsure how long it would take to color a multi-bedroom apartment in Singapore. When estimating the finish time of a work, clients should consider a number of variables.

More than 1,900 square feet of ceilings and walls were repainted. A three-bedroom condo’s square footage is finished in 4 to 5 days. Painting, mouldings, doors, as well as window frames will also take a some few days. Therefore, this does not imply that all of the job cannot be completed swiftly. With enough personnel, a typical condo home may be updated with new paint treatments in about 2 to 3 business days.

Furthermore, high-end customized design is a time-consuming job that requires extra time to complete. Therefore, how long does this take to color a painting services Singapore condo?

Factors influencing the time needed to color a condo include:

Is the condominium newly built or in need of redecoration?

Painting ceilings and walls in a condo building usually does not take as much time as repainting existing stuff that have been damaged and need to be repaired. Doors, window frames, as well as casings are often repainted in new houses since new woodwork necessitates repairing and sealing all of the walls.

Paint type necessary and maximum colors

Traditional painting often implies the use of a simple white color layer on the roof and a dual-colored color spray on the walls. Painting ceilings in a small bedroom with different applications as well as hues of several paint colours on the same line to make a distinctive design may lead to a significant increase in duration, as well as the whole job can take a lot of time to complete.

Paint application and quality work

Utilizing a roller and paintbrush is often reserved for interior painting jobs. Although it is an excellent option for repainting walls, spray painting windows, mouldings, and trimmings looks best in high-end custom houses. Such job usually requires and over a few man-hours of preparation and must be completed with caution.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional

Painting is one of the easiest condo revitalization projects that a home owner may undertake in their free time. Roofs  and ceilings in standard 12′ x 12′ rooms are colored in six hours. Consider it when the surfaces are in good shape and need two coats of paint with the distribution.

Extra time of 2 to 3 hours will be perfect for doors, shutters, or trims. Reducing home painting expenses by reducing labour charges and doing it oneself is an alternative worth considering if you have a limited budget. For experienced painters, a daily of about 8 hours is suitable for finishing walls and ceilings in two or more bedrooms.

Prep work involved

If it relates to the time consuming to paint a house, the number of preparation work needed is an important factor to consider. If you some damages or cracks in the floors, ceilings, point defects, and so on? Since no significant plaster renovation work is required, let’s estimate 30 minutes of screw holes filling and dirt cleaning on an 800 square. ft. condominium.