How many types of wigs and hair fibers are available?

There are so many types of wigs on the market and it can certainly be very confusing, not to mention troublesome, to choose the most suitable wig for you. ULA Hair know how to produce all types of wigs and adapt them to each and every customer according to their typical needs, but it is also important for them to explain to their customers what the parameters are that they take into account when adjusting a wig to the customer. To this end, ULA Hair have built a complete guide for you, which will explain to you the differences between the different types of wigs and the considerations you must take in choosing the right wig for you.


The first decision you will have to make is around the question of whether to buy a ready-made wig from the shelf or order lace front wigs. Ready-made wigs are actually hair systems, usually synthetic, with a pre-determined design and based on a one-size-fits-all size. These wigs can be purchased as they are or you can make spot adjustments to the customer’s head. These wigs tend to look less realistic, but come in the lowest price ranges.

Custom wigs, on the other hand, are wigs that are manufactured and sewn especially according to the customer’s measurements. They are usually made of lighter and lighter materials and provide a higher level of comfort. One of the most notable benefits of these wigs is the ability to invest in the entire hairline and especially the front of the wig, in order to give it a completely realistic look in a way that it will not be noticeable at all that it is a wig.


Beyond the type of hair fibers and their braiding method and in addition to choosing top wigs (partial wigs) and hair extensions, there are three main types of wigs, determined by the base of the wig, to which the hair fibers are woven:


Based on a polyurethane sheet that is used as a base for braiding or gluing the hair fibers. This is a synthetic material that greatly facilitates the production process itself, but greatly impairs the feeling of comfort, does not breathe, creates a feeling as if the wig is “floating” on the scalp and impairs the natural and realistic look of the wig.


Based on a mesh made of synthetic fiber (polyester or nylon) or a delicate competitor. The net allows the scalp skin to breathe and ventilate and is therefore considered a much more convenient option. They can also be seen through the natural scalp skin, similar to natural hair. These wigs are considered to be highly versatile with full flexibility in adjusting the mesh to the client’s head while maintaining a realistic and natural hairline.


Based on combinations of synthetic sheets with synthetic mesh or lace. These headband wigs make it possible to produce different combinations that make it possible to achieve a certain aesthetic result while maintaining a low price level. For example, you can make a wig based on a lace mesh along the hairline to create the natural look, but the inside of the wig is actually based on a polyurethane sheet that greatly simplifies the production process and makes it cheaper. There are countless combinations that can be applied in the wig production process, including soldered mesh, Swiss lace, single / double mesh, French mesh, silicone, suction and more. We at ULA Hair have developed a series of smart combinations ourselves, which allow our customers to enjoy comfortable and realistic wigs at excellent prices, and in the process of choosing a wig we will be happy to present you with all the combinations that are relevant to you.


We have now reached the most important and central parameter in choosing a wig, and within it there are two main options (natural or synthetic), which are divided into additional categories as follows:

  • Human hair – the type of hair with the most natural look and feel and with the highest styling flexibility. Can include mixed hair from several donors and requires regular care and styling. Lasts for more than a year.
  • Virgin hair – human hair of the highest quality, comes from a single donor. The hair fibers are completely natural and have not undergone dyeing, straightening and similar processes.
  • Synthetic hair – High quality can mimic human hair in a good way, but is limited in the flexibility of the design and sensitivity to heat. Does not require special maintenance, but lasts for only 4-6 months.
  • Heat-resistant synthetic hair – Synthetic hair is easier to style due to its heat resistance.

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