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How Much Computer Do You Need—And How Much Can You Afford?

The software you purchase affects how much computer you need and vice versa. Check out the system requirements on the software box (or online) including the amount of hard disk space required, whether you need a CD-ROM drive, how much memory is required, what operating systems can be used, and what type of processor is needed.

Keep in mind that many software programs set two standards: minimum requirements and recommended requirements. As a general rule, you should attempt to meet the recommended, not the minimum, requirements. Also keep in mind that under Moore’s Law, computer processing speed doubles every 18 months.

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For that reason, you should purchase a computer with the fastest processor and the most memory that fits into your budget. It’s an unfortunate reality that computers are increasing their speed and storage capabilities (hard disk space) at almost alarming rates, with software manufacturers creating software that utilizes most of what the newest systems offer.

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