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How To Arrange L Shaped Sofas In Any Area

L-Shaped sofas are generally very popular as they accommodate more people and at the same time save a lot of space. Any sofa is considered as the focal point of the room. Once you finalise the position and colour of the sofa, the rest of the furniture falls into place easily. The L-shaped sofa is usually a three-seater sofa with a chaise on one end. The chaise can be on the left or right, depending on your requirement. Check the Wakefit website for better options and colours before buying an L shaped sofa online.

Coming to arranging an L-type sofa, it can be quite challenging as they can bring about many patterns in the living room. You must have an insight about how to arrange the sofa to give an elegant look to the living room. Here are a few points to keep in mind while arranging an L shaped sofa online.

Know the Measurements

It is important to know the measurements before you decide on what sofa to buy. Knowing the amount of space you have in your room will help you look for the perfect size of sofa set for the living room. The size should be such that the room doesn’t get crowded and it has enough walking space around it. Take note of the length, breadth and height of the room first. See how much space you have after placing the sofa. Also, keep in mind the amount of space the rest of the furniture in the room would require. You can even allow space for a small side table or a floor lamp beside the L shape sofa. Measure and record the values to plan the exact size of the sofa.

Analyse the Orientation of the Room

The room is usually rectangular. To be more precise, you either have a portrait or a landscape orientation. Place the L shaped sofa adjacent to the shorter walls and facing the longer walls. This gives more walking space in the room. Some living rooms are square-shaped. Here you don’t have a choice but to place the sofa in the centre of the room. The room should appear spacious and free even after the sofa is placed. Remove unnecessary furniture if you find the room overcrowded. For example, carpets, rugs, coffee tables, large teapoys etc., can be avoided if you don’t have enough space to place the sofa. Take note of the window sill; you can place the seater in front of the window to allow light from behind. It creates a natural space for reading and relaxing. Moreover, the sunlight and the warmth gives you a bright feeling to relax on your couch during the weekend.

Look for Dividing Space

Dividing space is converting a large room into two without a wall, just by using L-shaped sofas. One half of the living room could be converted into dining by using the L-shaped sofas. You can place the L shape sofa in such a way that the arm divides the room into two. Some sofas are sleeper sofas where you don’t have the arm. In such cases, make sure one side of the sofa turns its back to the other phase of the room. In this way, you can utilise the other half to place a study table, dining table or pooja shelf. The sofa can create a sectional wrapping between the television area and the rest. Use slightly different colours to complement the room and enhance the differentiation.

Try the Corners

The easiest way to place the L shape sofa in a room is to target the corners. The L shape sofa design fits the corners perfectly well to give you a well-finished look. Also, when you occupy the corners, the centre space is completely available for walking space. This feels ideal for a small living room where you might not feel jam-packed. The sofa efficiently utilises the dead corners and opens up space in the centre where you could place rugs, coffee tables etc. You can also add ottomans to the side to complete the look of the room.

Focus on the Centre or Against the Wall

While placing the sofa against a wall, only one side could be a backed wall. The other side should be placed in such a way that it acts as a divider to the room. It permits more entry space. If your sofa arm has no backrest, then it can be used as a chaise lounge or a day sleeper. Coming to the centre position, this works mainly in larger spaces or open layouts. The best way you can face the sofa is towards a TV unit or a feature wall. Consider a focal point in the house and place your furniture focussing on the point.

Other Considerations

The extras are taken into consideration while planning an L-shape sofa. You can either add a show-stopping media stand or a few side tables if space permits to complete the look. If you’re fascinated by lights, you can also add plenty of mood lighting to the area. Make sure you sit in every spot on the sofa to understand if you need side tables to place your cups and saucers down. Adding these extras should not break the flow and feel symmetrical. If the room is narrow, add a length coffee table instead of a broad one.

The L shape sofas give you the classic living room layout when properly planned. You could chill with your family and friends in front of the TV and watch Netflix, which would be a perfect weekend. As the L shape sofas accommodate a lot of people, it makes a fantastic space for entertainers and brings fun and laughter time. Pay attention to the layout and bring about the connectivity to form the best living room layout.

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