How to Choose the Best Security System for Your Home

Do you feel nervous every time you have to leave your home?

Ease your mind by getting a reliable home security system. Don’t buy the first option you find in the market. It might not offer everything you need, defeating the purpose of buying one in the first place.

There’s no need to panic, we’ve got your back. Check out this list of important features to guarantee you buy the best security system for your needs:

What’s in the Package

The first thing you need to check in any home alarm system is the items you get. Some only include CCTV cameras but won’t include the DVR. Others might feature sound alarms to go with the cameras for your doors and windows.

Aim for the most value for your budget. Why spend a certain amount on an expensive CCTV camera system when another package offers cameras with the same quality and a few alarms to go with them? You get more bang for your buck with the other package.

What should you look for in your security system? At the very least, you should get a few security cameras and a DVR to monitor and record footage.

More expensive packages may include WiFi support to send monitoring data to the police or your phone. If you can, get a system with alarms too.

Monitoring Options

Don’t purchase home security cameras without looking into their monitoring options.

Can you monitor CCTV footage from your phone? Does the feed go straight to the DVR or can you connect it to the authorities so they can keep tabs in case of an alarm going off?

If the footage goes to your DVR, check the available recording options.

Some CCTV cameras can only give live feed. Others can record in full 4K video but this can cost you a lot of storage space. Check if you can lower this to 1080p and in monochrome.

You should look into a security system that features motion detection and night vision. The prior ensures that the cameras only record when something’s happening, reducing consumption of hard drive space. The latter is for monitoring your property at night.

Wired or Wireless Security System

A wired security system will offer lossless quality. That’s the biggest benefit since you get footage as clear as possible and without delay. However, all it takes is someone with pliers to cut the wires and disable your security network.

A wireless system eliminates this issue but you will have to deal with delays to the feed. You should also expect a bit of latency and a drop in video quality. Everything will die when your Internet connection goes down as well.

If you can keep the wires out of reach, a wired system is the better option. This is especially the case if you need to monitor your business, like a shop or office. However, for a private home, a wireless system is the better choice, particularly if you get a smart security system.

Cost of the Home Security System

At the end of the day, you also need to consider your budget.

List down your hard and soft limits. Set a target price but keep some room in case you find something worthwhile but costs a little more than what you expect. This ensures you get the best security system available without breaking the bank.

However, keep in mind that you won’t get all the modern features if you’re on a tight budget. At that point, list down the features you need to prioritize. It’s okay if you can’t get everything as long as you get the essential ones for your particular needs.

The price isn’t everything, however. You will find security systems at similar prices and they all might offer what you need. The next step to pick the right one is to read reviews.

Positive Reviews

Always prioritize security systems with positive reviews and good customer service, like the ones offered at Reviews are a good way to measure if the security system is as good as advertised.

Unlike advertisements, you can put your trust in customer reviews. The majority of people trust reviews since these come from consumers who already bought and tried the product. There’s no sugar-coating and you can even find reviews with photos and videos to highlight the pros and cons of the product.

Not satisfied with reviews? Get on YouTube and look for a video breakdown of the security system. Check if the seller has videos highlighting the features or a tutorial regarding their security products.


Buying a CCTV system and sound alarms is only one part of the equation. You also need to verify if the seller offers maintenance plans too. After all, these are complex networks of products that require a good amount of technical knowledge and skills to upkeep.

Does the security company offer repairs and replacement parts? Can they do routine inspections to keep your security system updated and always in tip-top shape? If the company offers routine maintenance and repairs, check if it’ll cost you more or if it’s already a part of the initial cost.

Smart Home Security Options

Always try to get a smart home security package. The difference between a smart system and a normal one is that the prior allows you to monitor everything even when you’re away from home.

All you have to do is connect the system to your smartphone via WiFi. Open the associated app and you can then cycle through CCTV footage in real-time. You might find a security system that lets you turn alarms on or off too.

Get the Best Security System Now

What are you waiting for? Don’t leave your home unprotected! Follow these tips right now and get the best security system in the market.

Read reviews, stay within your budget, and make sure to check for the right features and maintenance plans.

But why stop with our guide on buying security systems when we also have posts with other tips and tricks for you to discover? Learn more by diving into our other in-depth guides today!