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How to Find Entry-Level CPA Jobs

Congratulations on passing your CPA exams; this isn’t an easy task as only 50% of candidates pass the first time.

At least the hard part is over, or is it? You’ll soon discover that finding entry-level CPA jobs is much harder. Most likely, you’ve no idea how to apply for these jobs and the documents to provide.

Does this mean you should give up and change careers? The quick answer is NO! as there are tips for landing a CPA job fast.

Keep reading this blog to learn how to find entry-level CPA jobs.

Find Out What Employers Look For

Most candidates searching for entry-level jobs have no idea what the employers want. These candidates assume that just because they passed the CPA exams, they’ll be employed automatically. They don’t realize that they need other skills to increase the odds of landing a job fast.

So, to get hints on what employers need, check out CPA jobs adverts. Carefully read through the job description and specifications. You want to know the specific things that most employers are looking for when evaluating different CPA candidates.

Also, you want to learn how to effectively craft your job application letter and resume. The idea is to showcase your skillsets and persuade the employer why you’re the perfect candidate. So, double-check your resume before sending it to ensure it doesn’t have any grammar errors.

Also, learn how to get ready for a CPA job interview. You want to know the kind of questions to expect during the interview and how to answer them. Your goal is to create a positive impression and increase your chances of being employed.

In addition, when preparing for the interview, ensure you’ve all your qualification documents ready. Yes, you may have sent copies when you applied for the job, but it’s still important to come with the original certificates. The idea is to avoid providing key qualification papers and end up failing the interview.

Take Advantage of Online Jobs Platforms

Nowadays you don’t have to check daily newspapers for CPA jobs adverts as you can use the internet. All you need is to find the top online platforms such as that connect you with clients. So, you’ll create an account on these platforms and provide your qualifications.

The top platform has a network of many firms and individuals seeking accounting and tax services. So, it’s quick and easy to land a well-paying job by using this online platform. That’s why you should seek more information on how these jobs platforms work.

You want to find an easy-to-use job platform where it’s simple to upload your resume. Also, look for a platform that offers exceptional customer support. The idea is to get help creating an account on this website and knowing what it takes to get well-paid CPA jobs.

Search for Internships

After passing your CPA exam pass rate, you may feel like it’s a downgrade to apply for an internship. You feel like you have the ideal accounting skillsets to land a high-profile job. That’s why you spend most of your time applying for high-paying jobs and waiting for interview invitations.

You’re, however, mistaken if you have this mentality, as many employers will check your experience level. So, even though you have theoretical qualifications, you’re yet to gain any practical knowledge. That’s why you need to look for opportunities that allow you to acquire this experience.

Besides, understand that most companies don’t advertise for high-profile accounting positions. These companies instead use executive search agencies to find the best candidates for these jobs. So, there’s a low probability that you’ll apply for such jobs and qualify.

To overcome these obstacles, you must be willing to work as an intern. In some instances, even go for volunteer accounting work or unpaid interns. Yes, you won’t be getting any money, but these things sharpen your skillsets as an accountant.

Besides, the experience you get from the internship enhances your resume making it easy to get a job. In addition, the company that hires you as an intern may employ you permanently.


You’ll most likely use the internet to search for “CPA Jobs near me” and ignore people close to you. What you don’t realize is that not all companies advertise job positions on the internet. Some ask their employees to refer their friends and relatives to apply for the open job vacancies.

So, to get this information, you need to start networking and interact with people from various fields. The great thing is that now it’s easy to find and join different accounting groups. Some of these groups even have social media accounts which you should follow.

By networking, you get information from other accounting experts on what you need to get a job fast. These people will even direct you to the top websites to use when searching for the best CPA jobs. In addition, they’ll mentor you and help you develop your skillsets.

So learn to rely on other professionals to help you get entry-level CPA jobs. You want to get advice on the common mistakes to avoid when applying for these jobs. Also, you’ll get tips on how to prepare for a CPA job interview.

Use the Top Online Platform to Find Entry-Level CPA Jobs

Finding entry-level CPA jobs is easy and fun when you know the best online platform to use. The idea is to find a website that connects you to clients from many different locations. So, with the help of this website, you’ll get a well-paying CPA job that matches your skills and talents.

Besides, this platform will connect you with other accounting professionals. So, you’ll have a chance to network with these other CPAs and learn from their experiences. The idea is to know what it takes to succeed in this industry.

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