How to Ride a Motorcycle Safely: 5 Must-Know Tips

Riding a motorcycle sets you apart from other motorists. While there are obvious limitations, like no seat belts and limited storage capacity, motorcycles come with amazing perks.

Primarily, motorcycles are a more fun and exhilerating form of transportation. There’s also a feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle.

Yet, motorcycles can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or take the necessary precautions. We want you to stay safe on the road. Check out these five must-know tips on how to drive a motorcycle safely.

1. Get a Motorcycle License

One of the most important motorcycle safety tips is to go through a motorcycle driving course and becoming officially licensed. This is fundamental in learning how to ride a motorcycle correctly and safely.

The course will include all the laws you need to abide by, as well as how to safely operate a motorcycle on public roads. Just as importantly, you need a motorcycle license to drive a bike legally.

2. Drive Defensively

Next, no matter how much skill or experience you have driving a motorcycle, you can never control other people on the road. As such, learning how to ride a motorcycle safely mostly comes down to defensive driving.

As a motorcyclist, you’re smaller and more difficult to see. As such, be prepared to react when other motorists veer into your lane, turn out in front of you, etc. Keep your distance from other vehicles and stay vigilant at all times to stay safe.

3. Wear the Proper Protective Gear

Next, let’s talk about motorcycle safety gear. You must ensure superior protection while riding, which can save your life in the event of an accident.

First and foremost, you need a helmet to protect your head. We also recommend riding goggles or glasses if your helmet doesn’t come with a visor.

Additionally, you want to protect your body with heavy pants and a jacket. These simple safety measures can protect you against road rash and other serious injuries if you go down.

4. Avoid Driving in Inclement Conditions

Learning how to ride a motorcycle safely also means knowing when not to ride. For example, riding when it’s excessively windy can be dangerous. It will make it harder to keep your bike in your lane.

You should also avoid riding when it’s raining or has the potential to rain. Lastly, don’t risk driving your motorcycle if there’s any chance of snow or ice on the road.

5. Know Your Skill Level

Finally, one of the most important beginner motorcycle tips is knowing your skill level or ability. For example, don’t buy an over-powered bike for your first motorcycle. It may seem cool and impressive, but you probably don’t have the skill and experience necessary to operate the bike safely.

Additionally, spend some time on less-trafficked roads while you’re learning how to ride a motorcycle safely. You don’t need the added pressure or risk of other motorists and pedestrians.

Do You Know How to Ride a Motorcycle Safely?

Now that you know a little more about how to ride a motorcycle safely, are you ready to start the process of getting your license and buying a bike? We couldn’t be more excited for you. Just remember to ride smart and stay safe.

And if you’re looking for more motorcycle riding tips or automotive advice, stick around and read through some of our other articles before you go. Our blog is full of content created to help people like you learn more about life and how to make good decisions.