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How to save money on online food delivery

Due to our hectic and busy schedules in our lives, it is becoming hard to cook and eat our favourite food. Most of us do not take the pain of making food even on the weekends, rather we like to visit restaurants to dine and eat.

Consumers can keep up to 20 to 50 percent while online ordering food as they keep on telephone cost, avail big deals, save on restaurants tips and service charges.

So, if you are spending a lot of money on food ordering from restaurants and not aware of ordering online food, here are some simple ways to save money on food while ordering this online.


Coupons can help you keep money while ordering food. Sites like Zomato and Swiggy can get you food from your favourite restaurants at your doorstep. Also these sites provide you amazing discounts.  To avail this advantage you need to apply the promo code at the end of the payment.

Shop around

You might be shocked to know some restaurants partners with multiple food delivery services, to encourage orders from diners who are loyal to a specific platform. This can be used to your benefit because, in some examples, the different services will be charging different prices.

One of the simplest way to find out which is the best restaurant that fulfil your area needs. So, search at Google the name of the restaurant and look at the description.

Order healthy before you are starving

Planning food delivery can also advantage your health. If you are trying to eat fit or want to reduce weight, schedule your delivery early by ordering before you are very hungry. The less hungry you are, definitely you will make an excellent food selection, like a salad or other lower-calorie option.

Always order advance also permits you to familiarize yourself how long restaurants take to complete your order. If you know of a particular restaurant that has fit food range but generally takes longer time than a fast-food business, you can plan accordingly by early order.

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Always tip

Most delivery services trust on tips to make sure they are making a respectable hourly wage. Most food delivery services and applications permit you to tip when ordering or online after the order is done. Drivers will also happily take cash, and this is quick payment, instead of waiting to be paid by the ordering service.

Take advantage of customer deals

Pretty much every online food shopping will come with a discount for your first order. Take benefit of this offer by buying from more than one website. If you love to cook from meal kits like Blue Apron or HelloFresh, take the choice of those deals on your first order, and then stop the kits to test a different one. With so many to pick from, you can explore the complete range of what is accessible at greatly reduced prices.

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