How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Blissful Space with Bed Sheets

The bedroom is considered to be the most intimate and safe space for every individual. We spend most of our time thinking, talking, and having wonderful dreams in our bedrooms and relish the time we spend here.

Bedrooms are a source for rest, recreation, inspiration and recovery and therefore, it must be kept in a way that it feeds positive energy to an individual. There are some simple ways to turn your bedroom into a source of energy and recreation with the use of soothing colors, the right bed sheets, drapes, rugs, and other hues that provide the right vibes for the bedroom.

Colors and hues have a major role to play when you are trying to set the energy and mood for the bedroom. The right colors and texture can completely change the way one feels in a room, without actually breaking your bank.

Colors and Textures

When decorating a bedroom, one must always keep in mind the importance of colors and textures that go into the room. The right kind of colors can bring the room alive and the wrong colors and hues can totally upset the vibes in a room. There are 2 techniques to go for when redecorating a bedroom:

1. Choosing Bright, Energetic Colors

When choosing colors that are bright and energetic such as Yellow, orange, red, light green, pinks, and purples, can have a certain effect on our senses. They are great colors to mix and match and can help create a fun, energetic, and positive bedroom with the right mix of colors.

Pair bright colors with easy-going colors such as whites and blacks to balance out the overall effect. This technique can easily be followed for everything starting with wall colors, textured wall patterns, picture frames, bed sheets, pillow covers and cushions, duvet and blankets, drapes and curtains, rugs and carpets, etc.

2. Choosing Soothing, Relaxed Colors

Soothing colors such as pastels, greys, whites, and blues can have a beautiful effect on the mood. Coming back from a tiring day of work to a room full of warm and soothing colors can instantly uplift the mood and bring in peace and quiet.

Soothing hues tend to have a cooling effect on the mind and soul and therefore are recommended for middle-aged couples and elderly couples, unlike bright colored rooms which are recommended for young children, young adults, and young couples. As in the earlier case, one may choose to have a mix of white and easy-going colors such as powder blues, pastel pink, pastel greens, mild yellow, beige, eggshell, caramel, light grey, ash, and turquoise. These colors can be traced in the walls, bed sheets, comforters, blankets, rugs and carpets, curtains, etc.

Use of Art Form

Hanging Art pieces such as Paintings, murals, wall art, textured art, photo frames, etc can add to the enigma and attraction of a bedroom. It can bring out the room’s energy while keeping in mind the vibe and the energy of the room itself. The trick is to choose the right frame colors, the right textures, and the right overall background of these wall hangings.

Another great tip is to include fresh potted plants, green walls, fish tanks, and other such natural aspects to the room as they bring loads of fresh energy and natural touch to the room. They also improve the fresh air circulation in the room.