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How to Use the VLOOKUP Formula to Compare Two Columns

You can use the VLOOKUP formula to compare two columns in two different sheets and return their values in a row. To use this formula thingnews, you need to create a multiple values-row worksheet in Excel and insert two columns into it. After inserting two columns, use the auto-filter function to remove any blanks from the column. In the following example, you’ll compare two columns in different sheets to find the first that matches the second.


To use this formula, create a lookup table in the appropriate cells. For example, if you want to newsplanets  find out which team member sold the most products in the first quarter, you can set up a column that shows the lactosas employee’s name. This is done by using a range of data from the Customer Report worksheet. Then, you’ll add a column for the name of the individual staff members, such as George Eddy. In this example, the range is from cell B5 to cell B37. In the table, the employee’s name is in cell B5. This is what VLOOKUP looks for.


The VLOOKUP formula compares individual cells and returns the pklikes value of one cell when they match. In a real-life situation, however, this comparison may result in an “FALSE” instead of “FASLE.” The key is to use wildcards and check your data. Using the “IF” clause in a formula will ensure that the result is accurate pklikes com login, even if the data in column B doesn’t match the values in column A.

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