HP01 vs HP02; Here Is All That You Need To Know

Dyson HP series is the heating purifiers series. Fans belonging to these series are known for their powerful heating along with the cooling and purifying. All the features available in these fans makes them suitable to be used all year long.

Dyson HP01 and HP02 are no less of people’s favorite on the market. They are relatively cheaper than the next few models in the series; obviously considering that there are some additional features missing in these two models too.

Let’s compare Dyson HP01 vs HP02 to figure out all the similarities and differences that can be found among two powerful heating and purifying fans. 

Some important features of Dyson HP01:

  • 3-in-1 fan.
  • HEPA filter. 
  • Activated carbon filter.
  • Jet focused control.

Some important features of Dyson HP02:

  • 3-in-1 fan.
  • HEPA and activated carbon filter.
  • Auto mode and smart sensors.
  • Smart and additional features.

Similarities Between Dyson HP01 And HP02


They use a sealed 360° HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to capture all types of pollutants and odors. 


Both have an airflow capacity of 53 gallons or 425 CFM which is good enough for small-medium-sized rooms. 


HP02 and HP01 both oscillate the clean air at 70°.

Power Consumption

These two purifying fans have a power consumption of 36-40 watts usually. While operating as a heater they consume up to 1500 watts which is what most heaters consume. 

Noise Level 

The noise produced by these two fans ranges between 47-57 dB. 47 dB at the lowest fan setting and rising accordingly to 57 dB at the highest fan setting. 

Differences Between Dyson HP01 And HP02

Additional Features

Some additional features that add to the ease of using a purifying fan are missing in HP02. Such features are the night mode, auto mode, and smart sensors. 

The auto mode and smart sensors allow the fan to adjust itself according to the surrounding air after detecting the type of pollutants present in the air. The absence of these features makes a difference in the performance. 

Smart Features

Smart features such as the Wifi, Dyson app, voice control, and advanced LCD display are missing in HP02.

HP01 or HP02?

If you consider buying the Dyson HP01, it is important to take notice of all the smart features that you will be missing out on. The features that really make a difference are the auto mode, smart sensors, and night mode. The rest of the features won’t make a big difference for you if you are not the one to care for technology and its latest updates.  

Operating through the Dyson app or voice control is also a smart feature that makes it easy to control the fan. These features are also missing in HP01.

If you are still approaching to buy a simpler fan then HP01 is the right product for you otherwise we fully suggest you buy the Dyson HP02. Dyson HP02 is available in the market for $100.00 more than the HP01 at $599.99.