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Improvement of Quality of Life through Urban Development Plans

Urban Development has been a very important aspect of developing good community lifestyles since the industrial revolution. It is a key factor to upgrade the quality of life. It is a necessity as it improves the utilization of land and other resources in order to create more facilities and opportunities for society. Well managed urban development can make a great difference in ensuring a better living standard for the generations to come. An example of this can be seen in Saudi Arabia’s well-planned Quality of Life Program.

Background of Quality of Life Program

The Quality of Life Program is one of the key projects in the Saudi Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The program was launched in 2018 to improve the quality of life of residents and visitors by creating more vibrant options that enhance their participation and experience. Such diverse options aim to improve the economic and social impact of the Kingdom in the world. This is done by creating jobs, providing diverse economic activity, and consequently raising the Kingdom’s cities ranking among the World’s top liveable cities.

Achievements of QLP by Urban Development

Through strategic planning, the program was able to develop many sectors such as health, sports, culture, and entertainment. Following are a few of the major accomplishments achieved by this urban development program:

  • Establishment of the first cinema in the Kingdom
  • Organization of many international events, such as ‘Dakar Rally
  • Inauguration of several cultural museums
  • Establishment of several academic programs, such as the ‘Talent Development Program’ and ‘Mahd Sports Academy

Further Goals of QLP:

Urban development aims to broaden the horizon of opportunities and facilities for the residents of that community or society. It aims to provide jobs, eradicate poverty, improve urban planning, infrastructure, and community management. The Quality of Life Program plans to do so by further enhancing its major lifestyle sectors, including the hobbies sector and municipal services sector. The latter has already received strong initiatives for city humanization, landscape beautification, and city services enhancement.

It also plans on strengthening its position as the ultimate tourist destination via a tourist-visa scheme and by increasing the number of registered sites in the UNESCO World Heritage. This scheme also encourages the private sector to invest and set up developmental funds by providing enabling mechanisms and automated licensing processes. This serves as a good reason to invest in Saudi Arabia.


Urban Development is the key to prosperity and a good community lifestyle. Without urban development, not only do the residents suffer by living an uncomfortable lifestyle with inadequate facilities but so does the government by facing great economic challenges. Hence, without urban planning, no country can expect to successfully flourish especially in the 21st century.

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