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Indian millionaires tell how they got rich

A modern person often hears about success stories that impress, motivate and make them achieve new heights. It is not surprising that many are looking for success stories of Indian millionaires, since the country holds one of the first places in the world in terms of the number of the richest people on the planet. If we consider the rating of billionaires, then India is second only to the United States and China. On the thorny side of millionaires, the country shows statistics at the level of 1.5 thousand people with incomes from $ 100 million. The most interesting ways to become the owner of a huge fortune will be discussed further.

India Billionaires – Who Are They?

Among the richest people in the country, it is necessary to highlight:

  • Mukesh Ambani;
  • Azim Premji;
  • Shiva Nadara.

They are the ones who have achieved the most outstanding results thanks to their business skills and natural entrepreneurial spirit. Also interesting is the success of Dilip Shankhvi, who is the son of a pharmaceutical distributor in the local market. Back in 1983, he asked his father for a loan of $ 200, which allowed him to open a small company, Sun Pharma. Its drugs are still used in psychiatry today, as the brand managed to take the 4th position in the world in terms of the production of generics.

Gautam Adani is different from other Indian entrepreneurs who have achieved incredible success in that he decided to drop out of college to start earning. He became a participant in his brother’s business, which allowed him to earn initial capital. Gautam Adani used the money received thanks to his fateful decision to open his independent export-oriented business. Today the company is represented in several areas at once:

  • power generation;
  • petrochemical complex;
  • real estate market.

The entrepreneur owns the port of Mundra, which is the largest in India and is currently reconstructing and building 6 newest airports for the domestic air transportation market.

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How did the Indian wealthy make their capital?

Cyrus Punavalla is the son of a thoroughbred horse breeder, but by the age of 20, he realized that his father’s business had no future in his country. For this reason, Cyrus considered horse breeding opportunities in the modern world and discovered that the serum of these animals was used to produce the vaccines needed around the world. As a result, it was decided to found the Serum Institute, which today is the largest vaccine manufacturer in the region and is one of the world leaders.

Cyrus Punavalla also owns a Dutch vaccine company and acquired a Czech pharmaceutical plant. It’s worth noting that Cyrus is also a philanthropist. He allocated more than $ 5 million for the construction of a hospital for the poor and supports its work today.

Radhakishan Damani is the king of retail in India. Today he is the owner of the largest local chain of stores DMart. He began his path to success by opening a small shop on the outskirts of Mumbai. This event took place in 2002. The store had a very good location in a densely populated suburb, and its assortment included the most essential products. Also, Radhakishan Damani is a co-owner of a beer and tobacco manufacturer. Its assets include the Radisson Blu, a modern hotel in Mumbai with 150 rooms.

Kumar Birla is an Indian entrepreneur from a prominent family whose ascent began in the mid-19th century when Kumar’s ancestor opened cotton production in Rajasthan. The entrepreneur took over the family cotton empire in 1995 and quickly managed to increase its income, as well as maximize the portfolio of assets. Today, in addition to the production of fabrics, Aditya Birla is engaged in the production of cement, smelting metals, and also works in the field of communications. Among the largest investments in the latter industry is Vodafone Idea, which has become the largest service provider in the Indian market. The entrepreneur also pays attention to his social activities, being an educator and a member of the London Business School.

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