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Jafar Khan – Pakistan’s national team record holder

The Pakistan national team is a team that rarely succeeds on the international stage. For example, it has never managed to break into the World Cup. However, one of sports betting sites Pakistan is 1xBet offers to follow the matches of the national team and earn on them. 

If mentioning the main legends in the history of the national team, we can’t miss Jafar Khan. He is the record holder of Pakistan’s team in the number of matches played. The goalkeeper has played 59 matches. Yes, he did not win any trophies with the national team, but thanks to his selfless game, the fans remembered him for a long time. By the way, on one of the sports betting sites, which is 1xBet Pakistan, you can follow the national team matches now.

Khan made his debut in the team in 2001. At that time, the goalkeeper was only 20 years old. Despite such a young age, especially for a goalkeeper, he quickly won a place in the starting lineup.

The keeper amazed everyone with his reliability and confident performance. By the way, it is easy to watch the national team matches even now in a trusted office. And the section offers exciting entertainment for you. 

Khan’s career in the national team lasted until 2013. Already at 32, he decided that he could not bring maximum benefit to Pakistan. At that point, the goalkeeper left the national team. Obviously, this had a negative impact on the team’s results. By the way, on 1xBet you can follow all the current games of this team. The schedule of its matches is very tight, but now you won’t miss a single one.

What were the strengths of this goalkeeper?

The goalkeeper was appreciated by all the national team coaches. He was not only excellent on the field, but also an authority on his teammates. Unfortunately, the lack of better players in the squad did not allow Pakistan to compete for major titles at that time. By the way, now it is easy to watch 1xBet live on website and do not miss anything important from the world of games of this team.

Returning to the figure of Khan, we should note his strengths, such as:

  1. Excellent reaction. Thanks to it, the goalkeeper was able to save the team even after a difficult shot.
  2. His ability to get a good position in the goal. That helped cut the shooting angle and, accordingly, reduced the chance that the ball hit the goal.
  3. His skill at coming out. Khan’s ability to intercept crosses and shots into the penalty area was a big help.

The keeper spent 12 years in the national team, becoming its true legend and an example for future generations.

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