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Join Forex Demo Trading Contest For New Traders

Forex demo trading contests are a great way to learn the ropes before you begin trading in the real currency. You’ll be able to learn about the different rules and regulations of the contest, how to sign up, and how long the contest lasts. Once you know the basics, you’ll be ready to sign up for your first contest. Also, you must check the financial regulations of the broker that you plan to join, and make sure that you have enough funds to cover any possible risks. If you don’t, you may end up disqualified.


While it may be tempting to join a free Forex demo contest, it’s important to remember a few rules and regulations. First, make sure you choose a reputable broker. Also, make sure the demo platform you use is easy to use, not too complex. Ideally, you’ll choose one that’s web-based. Secondly, make sure you understand the rules of the contest’s registration. Many brokers have long registration periods, and you’ll need to keep track of the deadlines.

The rules of a forex demo trading contest are usually set by the forex broker. These rules will govern how the contest is played and who can win prizes. It’s important to follow these rules or you could be disqualified from the contest.


If you’re a new trader and interested in entering a forex demo trading contest, there are several important factors that you should keep in mind. For starters, the competition usually has a set start time and close time. Once the competition has ended, you will be required to close all open trades. In order to participate in a trading demo competition, you must be a new trader who is willing to learn quickly. In addition, different brokers may have different rules for the number of trades you can make in a particular competition. Some may also limit the number of trading assets you can use, while others may limit your usage of EAs or leverage.

Once you’ve decided to participate in a forex demo contest, you should choose a broker who has a good reputation in the forex industry. You should also choose a trading platform that’s easy to use – you should have no trouble using it if it’s web-based. Another important thing to keep in mind is that different demo contests may have different rules. In order to stay on track with the rules and not be disqualified, you should carefully read all of them and follow them arenagadgets.


Traders can participate in forex demo trading contests by registering for one of these contests. They will receive a virtual account that they can use for trading and earn real money. These contests are conducted once every month. The participants must complete four steps of the contest to be eligible for the prize. New traders should keep in mind that trading demo contests are not the same as normal demo accounts. The main difference is that the competitions introduce additional pressure. For example, traders who compete in a demo trading contest have to compete for prizes, which adds mental pressures that they would not encounter in a standard demo account.

The prizes of trading demo competitions are often quite generous. In some cases, the prizes can be thousands of dollars or more. In addition to the cash prizes, traders can also get the chance to win trading capital.


There are some conditions for participating in a forex demo trading contest for new traders. First of all, participants can only take part once a year. They also must have a minimum balance of $5000. Secondly, they cannot use a demo account or a proxy. Finally, they cannot have more than 200 open positions. The prize winnings are decided based on profit factor, percentage of profit, and drawdown. The winner gets 50 points for every trade, while the bottom 50 traders get one point for every trade. Second place winners get their prize amount transferred to their real trading account within 60 days of the contest. Third place winners get a prize of $2000.

Once the competition is over, all open trades will be closed automatically. No more trading will be allowed after that. Once the competition is over, the final amount of funds in the demo account will be used to determine the trader’s leaderboard position and prize eligibility.

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