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Low sex drive in men and its causes

Low sex drive or libido is a loss of interest in having sex, and it’s common in both men and women. It affects almost 15 to 16 percent of men. As people age, they tend to lose interest in sex. However, not wanting to have sex in your prime years can signal a low libido. It can be especially difficult for married or committed partners individuals as a dull sex life can strain a relationship. The lack of interest in sex can be due to numerous causes, and in some cases, they may even indicate an underlying condition.

 5 reasons for low libido in men

1.  Relationship problems

Not having sex can be damaging for a relationship. On the other hand, it’s also possible that couples who have marital problems unrelated to sex may become distant. It can lead to men not wanting to have sex because they don’t feel like doing it. Relationship problems often accompany stress as well. This stress can result in loss of sex drive.

2.  Chronic Illness

Any kind of illness can make you lay off sex for a while, but a chronic health condition can negatively impact your sex drive as well. Severe diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases can decrease the libido along with the sperm count as well. These conditions can obstruct the blood flow and make men feel disinterested in sex. These chronic diseases can also cause testosterone levels to drop. A low level of testosterone can make men lose interest in sex.

3.  Poor mental health

Stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders can reduce a person’s desire to have sex. It causes your arteries to narrow that can obstruct blood flow, and even lead to erectile dysfunction. Mental health disturbances due to family reasons, relationship problems, or other personal issues can make them feel stressed.

4.  Low testosterone

Low testosterone levels are the main factor for low libido and can also cause erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone can be due to various reasons such as side effects of medication, psychological issues, diseases, etc. Although testosterone levels drop as men age, a sudden drop may be a cause of concern. Getting your testosterone levels can help you with your diagnosis. Testosterone booster can help improve your testosterone levels.

5.  Alcohol or drug abuse

Drinking too much alcohol or consuming drugs can lower testosterone production. Consumption of drugs may also cause a lack of sexual desire. Moreover, smoking can decrease sperm production.


6.  Issues with self-esteem

Self-esteem is the way a person thinks about themselves. People who feel ugly or unattractive are likely to have performance anxiety during sex. Other than that, people may also avoid having sex altogether as they are not comfortable with themselves. These also cause other problems such as drug use, anxiety, depression which lead to low libido.

Is there a solution to low libido?

The treatment for low libido depends on whether it’s occurring due to psychological or physical factors. A Sexologist in Karachi or a Sexologist in Lahore can help you in diagnosing the cause and helping you with the treatment for low libido.

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