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Minimum & Maximum Bets in Slots: Is there a difference? 

Slots can quite obviously be a risky business. Although most of you players out there pull slots (whether online or in person) for the fun and exciting experience of putting money on the line to see if you hit that allusive juicy jackpot – play slot sites.

There are some big players that spend hours and hours working out which plays, which slots, and which developers are going to give them the biggest payouts possible. 

Tricking the system 

Since the dawn of slots players have tried out different ways to outsmart developers and land that big jackpot as often as they possibly can. Some of the classic ways that players use this include: 

          Timing the pull – Some love it, some dismiss it, but regardless it has been argued by players time and time again that if you pull (or click) that lever at just the right time, then the cogs will turn in just the right way and leave you with more money than sense! I for one am sceptical of this theory and think you probably should be too… 

          Superstitions – Now this is a debate that will never end. Many of you players out there are superstitious at the best of times, but when it comes to a winning run, players will be glued to their little routines, whether that be taking a sip of drink before the pull, combing your hair in just the right way, and petting your cat patiently waiting for you to stop pulling and feed them! Either way, the superstitious players among us believe it makes all the difference, and the not-so superstitious ones roll their eyes every time. 

          Cheating the system – This is where it might go a little too far, whether it’s an expert hacker, a plucky con man, or pyramid schemer, there are always the ones trying to break the system in order to win. Again, this isn’t one that I’m going to advise… 

Minimum and Maximum Bets 

The debate on minimum and maximum bets has raged on for as long as online video slots have existed, and before that players in land-based casinos I’m sure have sung exactly the same tune. 

The theory is that if you put in a minimum bet, or close to a minimum bet, you’re more likely to win the round, but less likely for it to be a big pay out. On the other hand you’ve got the maximum bet, where you’re less likely to win per pull, but more likely to win a big jackpot. This theory has floated around forums, and online gambling community for years. But is there any truth to it? 

Does it make a difference? 

The way that the slot outcomes are decided are heavily regulated by organisations like the UK Gambling Commission, and use a RNG or a Random Number Generator, so unfortunately for you conspiracy theorists out there, the maximum or minimum bet that an online slot game offers does not affect the likelihood that you will win or lose your game.

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