Misconceptions About Lip Fillers that You Must Avoid

As with any other cosmetic procedure, stigma, myths, and misconceptions surround lip fillers Melbourne due to the lack of availability of credible and reliable information in the public domain.

Additionally, what we hear most about cosmetic procedures is the negative news of botched up or unsuccessful procedures thanks to the grey market practice of cheap and unlicensed equipment and doses.

Lip fillers Melbourne are a TGA and FDA-approved and licensed product for restricted cosmetic use. The lip filler procedure, when conducted by an experienced and licensed cosmetic professional, under controlled and sterile conditions, can help you achieve plump, fuller, and beautiful lips.

However, the various myths and misconceptions surrounding cosmetic treatment hinder people from achieving beautiful lips. In this blog, we bust the top 5 myths surrounding the treatment of lip fillers in Melbourne.

Myth 1: Lip fillers will deflate or stretch out the lips

Fact: This is incorrect. There is no evidence to provide that lip fillers deflate or stretch out the lips.

The ingredient used in the lip fillers is a synthetic variant of a natural compound found in the body called Hyaluronic acid. This acid compound increases in volume when it comes in contact with water present beneath the skin, which gives a proper shape, structure, and the desired volume to your lips.

The filler ingredient makes the skin or the dermis layer thicker and prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines even after the breakdown of the acid after a specific period.

Therefore, the patient achieves long-term lip enhancement and skin rejuvenation results with the lip filler treatment.

Myth 2: Lip fillers don’t last long or fade away quickly or you need a constant refill

Fact: No. Cosmetic technology has rapidly advanced in recent years. Now, lip fillers are a highly improved variant that provides long-lasting results without the need for any surgical procedures.

The hyaluronic acid fillers can last for up to 18 months or even 2 years in some cases. The longevity of the acid fillers depends on the synthesis of the body to the acid. If you follow the doctor’s recommendation you can certainly get long-lasting results with lip fillers.

Plus, your skin, including the lips, changes every year as you age. Permanent lip solutions will look inappropriate and disproportional after a couple of years. With these TGA and FDA-approved lip fillers, you get the opportunity to realign and restructure your lips as your skin ages.

Myth 3: lip fillers cause permanent cold sores/scars.

Fact: This is false. There is no reported or documented case of scarring from lip fillers. Also, there is no reported case of cold sores from lip fillers. Single-use microneedles are used to administer the filler ingredient into the lips. The needles arrive in a sterile package and are immediately disposed of after use. New injectable equipment is used for every customer for every session. Therefore, there is no permanent scarring or cold sores post the lip filler treatment.

You may experience temporary swelling post the treatment, which is common with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and usually goes away within a few days after treatment. Therefore, there is no permanent scarring with lip filler treatment.

Myth 4: I am too young for lip filler treatment

Fact: While there is a lower age limit for lip filler treatment, there is no upper age limit. In fact. Any person above 18 years can receive lip fill fillers for lip enhancement. And, adult individuals can certainly benefit from the anti-aging properties of lip fillers. With collagen stimulation by the lip fillers, the skin becomes thick like when young which reduces the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, you could prolong the spell of aging with the lip fillers apart from getting plump and fuller lips.

Many believe that lip fillers are strictly for older adults, but that’s not the case. Anyone can add shape, structure, and volume to their lips to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of their face and look more attractive and appealing.

Myth 5: lips look/feel unnatural and expressions degrade

Fact: This is the most common myth linked to lip fillers. Most of this is attributed to the negative news or feedback available in the public domain about cosmetic procedures. While this is untrue, when done right, lip enhancement procedures are barely noticeable. Rather they add to your expressions and enhance the beauty of your face.

Plus, the procedure is reversible if you don’t like the outcome, which is highly unlikely considering the higher success rate of lip fillers Melbourne that are very well documented and readily available in the public domain.

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