Mobile Slots vs. Physical Slot Machines

Throughout pretty much the entire 20th century there was only one way in which people could gamble on slots, and that was to visit a casino or pub and spin the reels on a physical slot machine. Oh how times have changed now though, because you can even get the slots experience on your mobile phone!

In fact, playing online slots UK on mobile is by far the most widespread method that people use to get their slot gambling fix, and there is no surprise when you realise how great mobile slots are these days. Mobile slots vs. physical slot machines: who will win? Read on to find out! 

A quick history of physical slot machines 

Before we get too deep into the question of who would win between mobile slots and physical slot machines it is worth taking a minute to outline the fascinating history of land-based slot machines. These things started out in the late 19th century as very simple machines that people could play in order to win a free drink, however this all changed when a entrepreneurial engineer called Charles D. Fey created his Liberty Bell slot. 

With the Liberty Bell gamblers could actually win real money cash prizes, which meant that its popularity skyrocketed very quickly indeed. Over the next few decades it would spread across the US and then the rest of the world too, quickly becoming many people’s favourite gambling game in the process. 

When were mobile slots invented? 

Although mobile games have been around since 1997, where Nokia first unveiled phones with the classic snake game on them, it took a lot longer for mobile slot games to become a thing. The first mobile slot to hit the public market was Pub Fruity, a slot game that used Java script and was released in 2005. Although this was a landmark moment, it didn’t cause the wave of mobile slots popularity that some people were hoping for. 

Indeed, that had to wait until after Apple first unveiled its iPhone in 2007. This finally came mobile slot designers the perfect platform for their games, and it also ushered in the new age of smartphones. By 2010 mobile slots were already played more than desktop slots, and the gap has only continued to increase as time goes on. 

Advantages of mobile slots 

Right then, if we want to adequately answer the question of what wins between mobile slots and physical slot machines we will need to list some advantages of both. First up, here are some advantages of mobile slots: 

  •         Gamblers can play mobile slots whilst on the move, something that makes them a whole load more desirable.
  •         Developers often design their games with mobile slots in mind first, and this means mobile slots can often be a lot better designed.

Advantages of physical slot machines 

Despite the fact they are older, there are still a load of advantages of physical slot machines too. Here are a few: 

  •         You just cannot beat the nostalgia factor with physical slot machines.
  •         Physical slot machines such as the Megabucks in Las Vegas have the largest progressive jackpots.

Mobile slots vs. physical slot machines: Who wins? 

In general mobile slots are always going to come up on top versus physical slot machines, however there are occasions where land-based slot machines offer that unbeatable sense of casino nostalgia.