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Online Magazine Subscription: A Magazine for Every Person and Every Occasion

One of the hobbies that numerous Australians have is reading. The Roy Morgan Single Source survey shows that over 15,644,000 people over 14 years read print or online magazines through magazine subscriptions in Australia.

Reading is a habit that enlightens and rejuvenates a person and inspire them to dream and be productive. It also relaxes them and informs them about exciting situations and stories happening worldwide. Many people love reading a good magazine while taking tea breaks, during breakfast or before heading to bed. Some also enjoy relaxing afternoons with a packet of nibbles in one hand and a magazine on the other while lying down on the couch. With mobile apps and tablets, magazines have become more accessible and interactive. They are also far more engaging compared to the ones before.

From Traditional Prints to Interactive Online Magazines

Today, most traditional print magazines have online versions that cater to the younger generations and their love for technology, including reading. Publishers have turned digital to stay relevant in the global market. People love reading from their favourite magazine subscriptions in Australia, wherever they are on their tablets or smartphones. The advantages of subscribing to online magazines are that they deliver it on time and stay in their best condition. Online versions are more economical than their physical counterparts, and subscribers do not need to go through the hassle of a back issue. They provide convenient subscriptions and easy payment options that one can do at a moment’s notice. They are also portable as multiple magazine subscriptions fit into one device that they can carry on a flight, on vacation, to work or during transit. As the subscription gets saved in the account, they need not fear losing or ruining the magazine due to accidental circumstances.

Popular Magazines in Australia

There are over 300 popular titles from leading Australian publishers with an extensive catalogue from lifestyle, beauty, games, puzzles, fishing, health and fitness, homes, farming, cooking, entertainment, travel to sports. The five most popular magazine categories include,

  • Entertainment and Food (6.6 million readers)
  • General Interest (4.4 million readers)
  • Home Design and Gardening (3.2 million readers)
  • Mass Women’s Interests (3.1 million readers)
  • Finance, Business, & Airline (1.4 million readers)

Coles magazine (4.57 million readers), Fresh (4.08 million), Better Homes & Gardens (1.68 million), Women’s Weekly (1.39 million) and National Geographic (1.25 million) form the topmost bought magazine subscriptions in Australia today. Looking deeper into some of them.

Australian Women’s Weekly

The magazine echoes women’s voices from generations of the present and decades past. It sets a stage for women from all backgrounds to express their stories and create insightful discussions about agendas addressing women’s interests.

Australian Geographic

The magazine is exclusively available in Australia, and it celebrates the best of Australian culture, nature, destinations and people through information and photographs from the Australian Geographic Society.

Home Beautiful Magazine

Home Beautiful magazine is one of the most popular home designs and interior decorations magazines that people subscribe to get inspirational ideas, tips, advice and professional guidance regarding home makeovers, gardens and real estate transformations to suit their style.

Australian Traveller Magazine

It is a wealth of stories and travelling information that has aided as a guide to millions of Australians, making Australian Traveller the highest-selling travel-based magazine in the country.

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Vogue Australia Magazine

Vogue is the epitome of fashion magazines in Australia and the world. They provide up-to-date information about the fashion world today. A subscription with this magazine provides users with exclusive rewards, gifts and offers from their luxury partners.

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