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Orem Utah Weather: Average Climate, Best Times to Visit

Did you know that Orem, Utah is home to nearly 100,000 people? In fact, this century-old city is the fifth-largest in Utah and the 33rd largest in the United States. 

Whether you’re a Utah native, a new resident, or a soon-to-be visitor, take a look at Orem, Utah weather to help you determine the best time to visit.

Average Orem, Utah Weather 

The average temperature in Orem will vary depending on the month. Extremely high temperatures in the summer and bitterly cold temperatures in the winter aren’t all that uncommon.

One of the best parts of Utah, however, is its semi-arid climate. In fact, Utah is one of the driest states in the country, its humidity averaging 51.7 percent. 

Because of the extremes in weather, many tourists consider late April through mid-June as the prime time for a visit. Late August through mid-October is optimal if you prefer cooler weather.

Orem in the Summer

According to climate data, the average high in the summer is 89 degrees. That may seem high to those who love the brisk air of colder climates, but dry air makes the high eighties pretty tolerable.

July and August are the hottest and driest times of the year. If heat is a deal-breaker, opt for a trip in June. You’re more likely to encounter a rainy day, but the days are longer and the average temperature is slightly lower than the rest of summer.

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Orem in the Winter

If you’re willing to brave an average temperature that dips into the single digits, consider planning a winter trip to Orem.

Like the summer months, Utah’s semi-arid climate helps blunt the cold. This means that even the coldest winters in Orem don’t feel as cold as they would in the humid Northeast.

However, those visiting between December and February should exercise caution. Fine particle pollution in the valley creates poor air quality during these months.

That being said, February through March is the perfect time to participate in winter sports. As long as you avoid the President’s Day rush in mid-February, you’re likely to find plenty of deep powder snow.

You could even plan an excursion to Salt Lake City to visit the historic sites of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Not only is Salt Lake City the capital of Utah, but it’s only forty miles from Orem!

Visit Orem Today

Now that you’ve gotten a summary of Orem, Utah weather, you have everything you need to plan your trip. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be so swept away by the jaw-dropping views and the kind-hearted people that you’ll want to love there yourself!

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