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During his campaign for president, Joe Biden pledged to address the problem of racism in the United States. His transition team announced a government-wide plan to dismantle structural racism and to promote equity. This was reflected in the appointment of renowned social scientist Alondra Nelson as the deputy director for science and society in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Her appointment signals a new approach to tech policy in the United States.

Nelson’s scholarship is influential across multiple disciplines, particularly the intersection of race and technology. She has spoken on controversial bioethics issues and has studied the societal impacts of emerging technologies. Aside from her scholarship, she is also the president of the Social Science Research Council. As the new Deputy Director for Science and Society, Nelson will focus on sociological impacts of scientific projects. She is one of many voices that will shape science policy under Biden’s administration.

Vice President Biden has made a commitment to bringing the best available science to his policymaking. In particular, he has focused on ensuring that research findings are accessible to the American public.


The President-elect of the United States has just appointed Alondra Nelson as the Deputy Director for Science and Society in the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Nelson is the President of the Social Science Research Council and serves on boards of Social Science One and Public Culture. She has written several books and spoken on issues relating to science and technology. Her scholarship is influential across many disciplines. In addition to her work in the public sector, she specializes in the intersection of race and technology.

Alondra Nelson’s leadership role comes at a time of increasing inclusion in the United States. African-Americans and Hispanics make up one-third of the science and technology workforce. This makes Nelson’s appointment a critical step toward equitable federal S&T policy.

Nelson is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is an eminent scholar who is well-known for her research on social inequality, racism, and the effects of technology and scientific advancements on society. She has studied the relationship between race and medical discrimination, as well as the social implications of new technologies. Among other things, her work focuses on improving health care outcomes for people in poverty.

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