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Quitting CBD? Here is what you need to know

Due to the increasing popularity of CBD, many people have raised questions regarding its side effects. Like any other consumer, you must have thought about what if you stop taking CBD or put treatment on halt? Will you experience any CBD withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking CBD? Usually, it is impossible to overdose on CBD, but one can experience mild to extreme symptoms according to the dosage. 

Cannabidiol is a supplement that, if taken for a long time, can easily be adapted by our body. For example, if we consume CBD regularly for three months, our body will become homeostasis. This means our body adapts to new substances, i.e., CBD oil in the body, and acts accordingly. Therefore, our body expects CBD oil to be present in our routine diet regularly. Below we have shared withdrawal symptoms of extreme & mild cases. 

Extreme Cases 

Firstly, let us focus on some of the extreme cases and their withdrawal symptoms. Usually, if a person consumes Marijuana-derived CBD products daily for several months or even a year, they may notice few strong withdrawal symptoms. As their body will get addicted to it.  

Symptoms like – 

          Diminished appetite,

          Craving for CBD more,




          Loss of focus or being confused, 

          Sudden chills or, 

          Depression can occur. 

Additionally, if you were suffering from any joint pains or migraines, you can notice these issues will arise again within a few days after dropping the dosage of CBD products. Likewise, when a person consumes CBD Flowers, CBD Store, Online CBD Store, CBD Store USA to relieve back pain or maintain his sleep cycle, he may notice pain occurring again or suffer insomnia again.

Mild cases 

The following symptoms may occur for few hours after the moment you decide to decline the CBD dosage. But it will not lead to any serious condition further

– Inflammation,

– Mild shivers,

– Lack of sleep and especially daytime sleepiness. 

Possible treatment for these symptoms

If you are unfortunately experiencing these symptoms and looking for treatment for the same, keep reading further. There are few steps to take while coping up with these symptoms, that includes: 

– Stay mentally and physically fit, release any tension or anxiety that you are experiencing. For that purpose, start routine walks or do simple exercises.  

          Start practising yoga or any other activity which can relax your mind and body. 

          Engage yourself with your family, which will help fight against depression or the feeling of being alone. 

          Start practising a hobby. For example, if you like singing, drawing, gardening, initiate routine activities related to it.


You can practice these suggestions, but we recommend you consult a doctor if you are suffering from CBD withdrawal symptoms for quite a long time. In situations like this, always update your veteran about your CBD intakes and their symptoms. It will help your doctor diagnose you and your symptoms more appropriately rather than address each symptom separately. 

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