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A business’s success or failure largely depends on the wise decisions and operations of the board of directors. These positions have an important task when it comes to building an effective “soul” for the business to be able to “survive” in a market with so many “big shadows” ahead of it like the Blockchain market. The operator is considered a prerequisite to bringing the project to success or failure and in this object, information about the leadership of the KoiFish project will be revealed – the game ecosystem makes a strong impression in 2021.

1. KoiFish – Game ecosystem makes a strong impression in 2021.

Coming from the company WORLDWIDE DEFI GAMES LIMITED, KoiFish is considered a project with a strong “background”, and experts say that KoiFish is a dispersed game series with the advantage of successfully applying the POP protocol (Proof Of Play). This quickly won the hearts of gamers when it hurled in 2020.

The KoiFish project is inspired by the KOI fish (symbol of desire) with long roots in Asia. Through taking care of fish and performing in-game tasks, players can acquire FIT Tokens. This is a cryptocurrency that allows players to make trades and grow profits automatically.

KoiFish has gradually gained the trust of the gaming public as well as experts of related fields with just over half a year of operation. Catching the rhythm of the market, KoiFish is gradually being brought to a higher position in the prestigious games of this potential market and automatically becomes a bright name for the Block chain game public to successfully and effectively apply in terms of POP protocol.

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2. KoiFish and development goals

KoiFish’s mission when it was launched was to bring about the great development of this potential market as well as the gaming market. CEO of Universal Defi Games – Jonathan Reynolds shared before launching the “amazing project” to the market“Our goal was to create a game project that leads the Defi Game market and makes it calmer and additional transparent than ever for our players to play our games. Through that, playing KoiFish games will also help players develop income quickly.”

After more than 8 months of active operation with many outstanding results, KoiFish is operating every small step in accordance with the plan oriented from the beginning to complete the Dream and Assignment of the company and the project. In addition, information about the project’s development roadmap has been revealed to the community when players will be able to experience the Staking platform or Binary Option trading platform for the opportunity to maximize profits. Especially the launch of the mainnet KoiChain promises to create a boom when WDG is considered a bright coin in the future because of its potential.

3. Revealing the leaders – The factor that makes KoiFish the top project in 2021

In order to have such outstanding results, the leaders of Universal Defi Games company have had great experience to analyze and come up with a roadmap for KoiFish. The information below will cover each leader in detail and the knowledge they have possessed to successfully operate the KoiFish project.

Mr. Jonathan Reynolds – who holds key positions, the company’s chief operating officer currently has over 30 ages of knowledge in the Game and Information Technology markets. In particular, before becoming the perfect piece of the company, he was considered one of the members who created the great success of Bitcoin in the 2000s and his name was constantly mentioned in the press when he was the one who was instrumental in reviving this potential market, which was too scandalous and stagnant at that time.

The founder of NeoGames Experiment before operating the KoiFish project is Mr Jonathan Reynolds and he has accumulated his own experience when operating this “brainchild”. Recognizing and catching up with market trends is an important factor that he always pays attention to and follows. It can be said that, thanks to its sharp vision and analysis, KoiFish is still blatantly a rapidly developing project despite the Covid-19 epidemic raging around the world.

Marketing Director – Mr. Christian Howard and Director of Market Development – Mr. Andrew James have greatly contributed in bringing the position of the KoiFish project to the next level. With my own experiences, the project’s brand awareness has increased rapidly thanks to smart and effective plans. The KoiFish project is considered an important “key” to dispel rumors about the competence of Mr Christian Howard and Mr Andrew James and bring KoiFish to surprising results to the world.

The company’s CTO – Mr Patrick Wilson has a unique combination of technical technology expertise and project management skills that bring absolute success from FIT Token. Over 10 years of technical experience then he automatically became the “star” in troubleshooting and operating the project. Network Management Application Development, Data Center Management, Smart Contract Development, Repository Encryption, Cryptography. He helped the company reduce operating costs significantly through improved specifications and increased efficiency.

With more than 15 years of experience in the gaming industry, Mr Andrew James knows everything about this market and his strengths are not limited to creativity but also leadership. In particular, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of Soccer ManagerTM with more than 20 million downloads and uses. That is why he brought the project development roadmap as well as WDG’s core services to the market and brought excellent results.

Besides, WDG also owns talented regional directors and understands in detail about this potential market. With the success that WDG is having, it is impossible not to mention Mr. Oliver Smith – WDG Asia Director, he is responsible for leading and delivering long-term development plans in the Asia-Pacific region. and Africa and these three regions obviously become the three “golden” markets of KoiFish.

The executive team is an important factor in bringing a project to achievement or disappointment, so with these excellent “Nuclear”, it promises to bring the most perfect appearance that KoiFish can own. Besides, the development path of KoiFish leadership, which is assessed by industry experts, will go beyond 15 years and of course become a “big boss” in the industry.

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