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Should you DIY carpet cleaning or hire a professional carpet cleaning company?

You may need carpet cleaning at some point in your life. While carpet cleaning is essential for removing stains, cleaning your carpets well improves their lifespan. But it depends on you whether you choose the DIY or professional method.

When both are done correctly, they offer a perfect deep clean. So, what is better – doing it on your own or hiring professional carpet cleaners?

Check out some facts to consider both options.

Reasons to hire professional carpet cleaners

Better equipment

Regardless of how you see it, professionals have powerful equipment to clean your carpets. Buying or renting machines for steam and deep cleaning can be really costly. Besides, you may not have the skill or knowledge to use them. Professionals spend thousands of dollars to own the equipment, hence you should consider hiring professionals for the innovative equipment they own. 

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, the question of whether to DIY or hire a professional often arises. While DIY methods may seem like a cost-effective solution, they often fall short in delivering a deep and thorough clean. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company like Zerorez Charlotte can give you peace of mind knowing that your carpets are being cleaned with state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Less drying time

With professionals cleaning your carpet, your project is carried out with professionalism and expertise. They have industrial-grade equipment which simplifies the job and the work done is a lot quicker than DIY.

It also ensures that the dry times will be lowered. Quicker dry times will help you get your home back sooner than you thought.


The DIY carpet cleaning procedure needs a lot of energy and time. It may take too much of effort and time to clean your full carpet appropriately. It naturally depends on the size of your carpet. With professional carpet cleaners, you can get things done conveniently, without putting any pressure on yourself. 

They will clean the carpets, remove the water, collect all the waste and hence there is no inconvenience caused to you.

Maintain the look of your carpet

Professional cleaning helps to maintain the look of your carpet for long. The high traffic areas, presence of kids and pets can make your carpets dirtier than you can imagine. Hence, cleaning them and reviving them is a big challenge. Thus, you need professional carpet cleaning once a year to restore your carpet’s look.

Reasons for DIY carpet cleaning:

Use your free time

While hiring a professional carpet cleaner is really helpful, but you may have to take time out to follow their schedule. But with DIY, you can follow your schedule and do it at your own convenience.

Save money

While professional carpet cleaning is costly, DIY on the other hand can save you a lot of money, provided you are not spending too much on renting the cleaning equipment or buying cleaning solutions.


Purchasing or renting carpet cleaning equipment or DIY can be less costly at times, especially if you don’t have extravagant cleaning requirements.

However, professional cleaning service, on the other hand, does cost higher but offers amazing results in a short time period. 

Also, professional carpet cleaners have industrial-grade cleaning equipment, supplies and training to clean all types of carpets. So, if you want to save your effort and get a professional cleaning, then consider hiring expert carpet cleaners for the best results.

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