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Six Reasons Why You Need to Consider  Decra Mabati Tiles

Ambitious homeowners go for eminent roofing tiles, with utmost outlook and elevated performance. If you fall in this category, then this report will unveil to you the substantial facts on Decra Mabati tiles. This product has competent design and performance ideas that will fortunately drive you into considering it your selection.

Decra utilizes ‘Quantum Coating Technology’ to make roof tiles. The primary materials consist of steel (Aluminum-Zinc Alloy), coated with natural stone chips. This engineered approach combines the benefits of both metal tiles and stone roof tiles for a grander product.

Its unbeatable competent performance, discussed below, walks it through a wider world market since the 1960s:


Cost evaluation cuts across from purchase, transportation, installation to maintenance. It budgets an average of shillings 2,000 per square meter to purchase. Its lightweight and interlocking designs allow for easier installation hence dropping accrued costs.

Besides, the Coating Technology minimizes chip loss and organic staining/growth, thus keeping its original look and cutting down on maintenance.

These features are an added advantage to decra mabati prices in Kenya, making it readily affordable.


A sustainable load on your rooftop is the first step of roofing safety. It aids reduce collapsing threats because of weight imbalance. Consequently, Decra tiles weigh 7kg/m2, which is convenient. If you are up to safety, then perhaps this will be your first-choice roofing material.

Rigid structure

How strong is your rooftop? Apart from the nice look, any appropriate roof material must be in a position to withstand extreme external parameters. Otherwise, the occupants will have to adhere to them.

The applied technology offers Decra Mabati a higher strength against impact, wind, rain, and hail (hurricane with up to 200kph magnitudes), and UV radiation protection. Besides, it is not vulnerable to noise thus provides the utmost atmosphere to occupants even in heavy rain.


Decra tiles are not subject to weathering or sun damage. The steel core, coated with zinc alloy, offers high corrosion resistance (eliminating leak problems). In addition, the material offers vibrant color containment that lasts for decades.

Decra Mabati come with a 50 years product warranty, a clear indication of the long service you will obtain from the product.


Decra Mabati can suit multiple roof designs. Roofing is mainly defined by its pitch angle and shape. Thus, for decra, the thin layer sheet of steel can mold into required forms to suit any roof layout. If you are after exploring a variety of roofs, then Decra may offer you the solution.

Other beneficial elements

Decra has high heat and fire resistance (up to 760 degrees Celsius). This makes it applicable in coastal regions and commercial buildings. Besides, it has credit for safe domestic water rainwater collection. This is because of minimized color fading and withering conditions.


A promising roof structure contains high-level security with utmost adaptable features. Thus, while seeking a roof tile, always ensure you have the right ideas for appropriate choice selection. You may consider Decra amongst your selected list of roofing tiles. For more about roofing tiles, check

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