Sofa Sleeper for Small Spaces – the Right Fit for Any Setting

If you’re in the market for a sleeper sofa but don’t have a lot of space, there are plenty of options that will fit your needs.

Choosing a sofa sleeper for small spaces is ideal if you want to transform your tiny living room into a meaningful, usable space. Here’s what to look for.

How Much Room Do You Need for a Sleeper Sofa?

The sleeper sofa is a true workhorse. It lets you accommodate guests even if you don’t have a lot of space available to do so.

But how much room do you actually need for one of these?

The short answer – probably less space than you think!

For a small sleeper sofa – usually a twin sofa bed – you’ll need around 56” x 90” of space when the bed is fully open. For a queen-size sofa bed, you’ll have around 84” x 90” of space when the bed is fully open.

What is the Smallest Sofa Size?

If you’re really crunched for space and don’t think you can accommodate a twin-sized sofa sleeper, you might want to get a fold-out ottoman or sleeper ottoman. These are slip-covered boxes that unfold easily into twin mattresses – just like sofa sleepers.

There are some apartment-sized sofa beds that are just 60” x 30”. These are much shorter and more narrow than traditional sofas and beds. They aren’t always the most comfortable, since they’re lacking in space, but they can provide extra seating and sleeping space when a full-sized sofa bed isn’t really an option.

What Can I Use Instead of a Sofa Bed?

Don’t want to spring for a sleeper sofa in your apartment or other small space? The good news is that you don’t have to – there are plenty of other options.

A hammock is one trendy option you can consider. Not only do hammocks take up far less space than even sofa sleepers do, but you can also pack them away more easily when not in use.

You could also use an air mattress. These are much more affordable and portable than sofa sleepers, though of course not nearly as comfortable. They’re also easily damaged.

A Murphy bed is one final alternative. Although Murphy beds are great for saving space, they do require some construction. You’ll need to hire someone to install the Murphy bed for you or figure out how to build one yourself, since these fold up and into your existing wall.

Sofa Sleeper for Small Spaces – Perfect for Any Setting

Sofas are a key piece of furniture for any home, but what if you don’t have a lot of space to spare? A sofa sleeper is the perfect solution! With a sofa sleeper, you can get the comfort and functionality of a regular sofa, plus the ability to sleep on it when guests come over.

That said, choosing the right sofa sleeper isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. For you to find the perfect fit, make sure you measure your space and choose the right size sofa sleeper for the small spaces in your home.

Follow these tips for a satisfying shopping experience!