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The London based Sumeru Equity Lunden techcrunch is the place to find out about the latest innovations and trends in the digital world. There are hundreds of articles about the best apps, new technologies, and startups to help you make more informed decisions. Here we will take a look at the most important trends and updates, so you can be the first to know when something new and interesting gjcollegebihta happens.


Sumeru Equity Partners recently raised $1.3 billion for its latest fund. The VC firm is well-versed in making deals in the tech world. Their portfolio includes some of the top vertical SaaS applications and leading growth-stage companies. They typically invest in hardware, software and other technologies. For example, they made their first investment in SocialChorus, a nifty little tool for creating and distributing internal communication channels.

Sumeru Equity Partners is not just an investor, they’re also a catalyst for innovation. This was evident in their growth program, which prioritizes organic growth levers over more traditional means. Some of the company’s recent high-fliers include Novigo and Krypt, two consulting firms that provide services for SAP supply chain software users. Also on the rise are CloudDB and Ontra, which provide cloud-based database and contract management solutions respectively.


Sumeru Equity Partners, a technology-focused growth capital firm, is closing a $170 million fundraise for Zappi, a leading consumer insights platform. The company provides market research for brands and helps businesses make meaningful product decisions. It also provides marketing data to help enterprises collaborate with customers.

Zappi’s business model involves using AI to analyze consumer behavior. The technology is used primarily in the pre-product and pre-launch stages to optimize advertising and products. At the end of last year, Zappi had revenues of $50 million. But, the company had not seen profits for over a year. After that, the company shifted gears and focused on growing.


Beqom, a provider of cloud-based compensation management software, recently secured a $300 million private equity round from Sumeru Equity Partners. The funds will be used to help the company grow its business. In addition, the investment will support product innovation across the board. And while there are a number of cloud-based compensation solutions on the market, beqom stands out for its functionality.

For one thing, the company’s platform supports mission-critical rewards processes. With beqom, you can essentially manage the full spectrum of HCM compensation – from transactional sales incentives to broad-based incentive plans to executive and equity compensation models. As a result, companies of all sizes can use the solution to optimise staff and ensure fair and compliant pay.

Ferme d’Hiver

Ferme d’Hiver is a Quebec-based agtech company that uses engineering and precision agriculture to produce food in a controlled and sustainable manner. It produces year-round food without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The company’s technology mimics natural elements, including sunlight, wind, and temperature. They also partner with local farmers to increase production and develop a local and export market. Their mission is to protect the environment and to grow the economy.

Since its inception in January 2018, Ferme d’Hiver has been producing fresh foods in Quebec. The company’s focus is on strawberry production, with plans to produce nearly one million kilograms a year. It aims to replace 10 percent of Canada’s imports.


iProov is the world’s leader in online biometric face authentication. Using a cloud-based remote mobile technology, it scans and stores images of individuals and validates them against other IDs to ensure that online users are who they say they are. Its patented technologies include Liveness Assurance(tm) and Genuine Presence Assurance(r). Among the many accolades and awards the company has received, iProov has also been the recipient of the Best Security Technology in the UK, which was presented by the Home Office in October 2018. The company has also racked up a series of impressive milestones, including a major contract with the U.K.’s National Health Service.


Planview, the leading provider of work management solutions, has announced the acquisition of Tasktop. The deal is set to create a new sector powerhouse that will help enterprises optimize opportunities and achieve greater excellence. Combined, the two companies will offer their clients a comprehensive suite of portfolio management and agile enterprise planning solutions.

Planview’s solutions connect and optimize the performance of all work processes across the enterprise. This helps organizations to maximize opportunities and drive strategic results, regardless of how work is conducted. With more than four thousand global clients, Planview is a leader in the field. Its solutions enable organizations to improve their visibility, agility and speed to market, and accelerate the realization of value.

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