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The 3 Best Internet Speed Testing Sites

While many of us are concerned about our internet speed, weare usually pretty clueless about what constitutes a good speed. So here is a simple explanation and a breakdown of the 3 elements that affect and determine your internet speed:

  • Upload Speed

Upload speed measures how quickly information travels from your PC to a server in a remote location. Upload speeds are particularly important to pay attention to when you need to use cloud storage such as iCloud, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, IDrive, etc. for work-related purposes as well as personal use. With the shift to flexitime and hybrid systems of work that is likely to stay even after the pandemic cloud storage becomes ever more important and helps companies streamline their data storage. Furthermore, with pictures and videos of all your “great times”, you might run out of storage space on your PC so you can upload your Best Website Development company in hyderabad memories online. If you’re an influencer e.g. a YouTuber, who is regularly uploading content, then a high upload speed is a necessity for you.

  • Download Speed

The layman’s buzzword when it comes to fast internet seems to be “download speed.” This speed refers to the speed at which you are able to download content from the internet to your personal computer, phone, gaming console, etc. However, while this speed is important for streaming or downloading your favorite shows and movies it is just one of the elements that influence your download speeds. Get more information online exam portal website development in Hyderabad

  • Latency

Latency, which literally means delay, is also referred to as a ping rate and measures the time in milliseconds it takes for a ping of information to go from your PC to a server and back. So whether you’re a celebrity, a business page, or an ordinary person, when you live stream, you’re going to want to make sure you have low latency i.e. a lesser delay between real-time actions and the live stream.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what makes up your internet speed, we can begin looking at how you can test it. Many ISPs claim to provide excellent quality fast internet with the catch being that they always use the words “speeds up to”, which allows them to promise overstated speeds while possibly delivering slower internet than you expect. So how do you make sure you’re getting your money’s worth? It’s simple. Just use any online speed testing website. Not sure which ones to use? No problem because we’ve compiled a list of the best internet speed testing websites just for you:

1. Ookla

The pioneer of free speed tests online, Ookla is a go-to choice to check your internet speed. A simple click gets you the specific information you need to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. Not to mention the fact that Ookla is free, unbiased due to it not being an ISP and even lets you select the remote server’s location for the ping test. It is possible that ISP’s speed tests could be biased in their favor so it’s always best to choose a neutral speed test provider.

2. Fast

This is Netflix’s very own speed test and most handy for all us Netflix users out there because it measures your download speed by connecting directly to Netflix’s servers, which really helps you figure out why you might be having issues watching that documentary on a streaming service.

3. Google Fiber Speed Test

Before you worry that you don’t have a fiber connection, you should know that the Google Fiber speed test can test the speeds of different types of internet connections. Easy to use and with no annoying advertisements. The one drawback is the speed test’s information may allegedly be biased due to Google being an ISP in and of itself.

All in All…

There are many more internet speed testing sites out there but we believe these three rank the best in terms of accuracy and overall reliability. Now hurry up and check your internet speed and if your speed isn’t doing so great, don’t worry about it because you can always call Spectrum customer service to find more reliable internet plants or sort out any existing issues you might be facing.

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