The Different Kinds of Fly Screens You can Opt for

Fly screens are quite popular residential and commercial place accessories to wade away insects entering the premises through windows. There are many kinds of fly screens available both in the online and offline market. They differ in make, quality, material and some features. However, all of them are highly capable of preventing flies enter inside your home or office.

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Different materials that differ in the quality and the ability of the fly screens to prevent flies from entering in:

  • PVC-coated fiberglass: It is even known as nylon mesh and is the commonest material used to make fly screens. This is because the material doesn’t corrode, stain or rust for many years. However, it gets stretched and torn while in usage after considerable time because of being subjected to harsh climatic conditions.
  • Aluminium: It is popularly used to make fly screens because of its durability and ability to long last in any climatic conditions. The only drawback is that it can’t dent or crease as required for designing the fly screen.
  • Stainless steel: It is less used to make fly screens however best material to be recommended in bush-fire prone areas. It is highly tough and strong enough to withhold any natural calamitie’s negative effects. It is one of the best security screen choices in many commercial areas throughout the UK.
  • Vinyl-coated polyester: They are the best to make fly screens safe from pet scratches.
  • Types of fly screens that are differentiated according to their usage, make and quality:
  • Solar: The material is used to make fly screens to be installed in places where the sun shines more like verandahs, open corridors and balconies. They provide shade and absorb heat thus making the best fly screens to use in the extremely hot season.
  • Weave: The quality of the fly screen is stated to be high according to the strength of the weaves of the material used to make it. The tighter weaving may not allow you to enjoy the outside view clearly, however they are the best to safeguard your home from flies and dust entering through windows. Thus, it is best to install it if you live near beaches and traffic-busy roads.
  • Colours: The range of colour shades act as an attractive and decorative element to choose fly screens. There are even wood-grain finishes that add on to the beauty of the room.

Fly screen styles:

  • Retractable style screen: These are roller screens that works exactly like the roller blinds. It can be fitted horizontally as well as in a vertical way.
  • Pleated screens: the screen pleats fold and stack back thus looking trendy. They move with ease thus require less strength to open or close.
  • Hinged screens: As the name suggests used on windows and doors by fixing on hinges. They are fixed on the doors and windows using UPVC or metal casements.

Whatever fly screens you opt for, just try to buy from a reliable marketing source like Premier Screens Ltd.