The Future of Mobile Gaming: What to Look Forward to in 2022

Mobile gaming is the biggest market in the gaming industry because of its portability, offering players the benefit of playing anytime and anywhere. It comprises 60% of the total video game revenue, generating $49 billion in 2019, 

Today, many game developers look for unique ways to improve the mobile gaming experience, aiming to entertain players and increase income. To understand more about this, let’s discuss the latest improvement for one of the most popular casino games, poker.

Online Poker 2022

The demand for online casinos grows as the pandemic continues to affect land-based operations. Developers continue to develop online poker to mimic live poker games through high-definition graphics and UI design, but with extra security to protect information and prevent cheating. Online poker is also available on mobile devices, with a smooth user interface and responsive games.

Usually, an online casino in English, Hungarian, or another language, offers free rounds to let new players get familiar with the gameplay. Meanwhile, more experienced gamblers can join tournaments and championships. One trusted site is, where you can check out several poker variations.

What Are the Advances to Expect in Online Gaming?

Game expert Peter Déli compiled the technological advancements in mobile gaming expected to be available in 2022. Visit his page and learn more about his work here.

1.   Improved Graphics and Controls

Game developers ensure that the best animations and set-ups will be incorporated into their games to maintain and gain players. Most developers have moved from 2D to 3D animation to present a more realistic experience to their users. An example is Starloop Studios, a leading game developer that uses Unity sofware to create advanced 3D animations.

More advanced features of online games will include voice recognition controllers, high-definition displays, and 34-bit graphics that can support the display of 16,777,215 colors for more convincing gradients and shadows.

2.   Cryptocurrency As a Payment Method

Online gambling has steadily maintained its market, reaching $50 billion in revenue in 2019. The growing popularity of online games is credited to the convenience they offer, including modes of payment.

As the online casino industry grows, they improve the payment methods to cater to more players worldwide.

Recently, since cryptocurrencies have become a new form of modern currency, more online casinos accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Cryptocurrency is a secured digital currency that is based on block technology. This type of currency makes counterfeiting impossible – an excellent feature appreciated by many users.

3.   Cloud Gaming and 5G Network

Cloud gaming solves the problem of limited space for mobile games. The games are loaded in a remote server, making downloading unnecessary. As long as there’s a stable internet connection, you can access the game site on your mobile device.

Although cloud gaming is a significant upgrade, it relies on internet speed. Thus, 5G is continuously developed in many countries. The 5th Generation (5G) mobile network is a new global wireless network that improves cellular network speed, responsiveness, and bandwidth for more connections. It’s a remarkable improvement for mobile gaming, especially for downloads and eliminating lag time.

4.   More Desktop Games on Phones

Players’ desktops stay in one place, but phones are travel-friendly, and 67% of the world’s population have them. That’s why desktop game creators try to make their games available for mobile devices.

Here are some of the famous desktop games that will be available for mobile gaming in 2022:

  •       Battlefield – Get ready to shoot your enemies with the launch of one of the most famous war games.
  •       Apex Legends – Become one of the hero shooters as Respawn Entertainment launches their battle game on Android and iOS devices.
  •       Tom Clancy’s The Division – Finish missions and challenges of investigating a virus with the popular RPG.
  •       PUBG New State – A new and improved battle of survival with a futuristic weapon and building designs of the highest revenue mobile game across the world.

5.   Continuous Development of Augmented Reality

In 2022, augmented reality (AR) for mobile devices will continue to hit the market as companies develop more approaches to offer the best gaming experience. AR modifies real-life environments by adding graphics, sounds, and other sensory elements.

One of the most famous AR games is Pokemon GO, where the players can catch Pokemon as they scan their surrounding environment. The game has gained popularity worldwide with about 632 million downloads.


There’s a lot in store for the future of mobile gaming. Game developers use technology intending to give their users the best experience. Because of this, 2022 will be a promising year to launch more features and possibilities for the mobile gaming industry.